Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Eating Japan - Snack series 14

1. Morinaga Cacao 70%

Bought this because the was so cold back in January and I was craving for some hot cocoa at night. This one here is perfect! It's bitter cocoa and is therefore has just the right amount of sweetness to it.

Just add this to hot milk and you get a nice thick hot chocolate that tastes similar to those from cafes.

2. Korean seaweed with shrimp powder

Mum gave me a bunch of seaweed packs to bring back to Japan. This one here is covered in shrimp powder and goes really well with rice.

3. Korean seaweed

This is another pack of korean seaweed from mum which could be topped on rice or noodles or just as snacks. They are nicely seasoned.

4. Topvalu chicken nugget

Bought this for supper because it was cold and it's nice to keep the kitchen are smelling nice and slightly warm too ahahhaa...

The nuggets were pretty good actually. I love the fact that I didn't have to fry them but just toast them up in the oven.

5. Hula's potato chips in barbeque flavour

Love these chips~ After a long time, I realised that I relly missed barbeque flavoured chips! 

6. Glico Kajulia strawberry

Interesting strawberry flavoured chips topped with strawberry cream.

7. New Meiji premium galbo

My all time favourite! Lost count of how many packets I have bought~

8. Nissin cultured butter sable

If you like the original coconut sable, you should definitely try this as this ups the flavour a notch!

9. Topvalu Organic chestnuts

Big, plump and delicious! I also liked the fact that they are packed in 3 individual packets.

10. Topvalu Organic peanuts

Bought this because I was looking for peanuts to make some Valentine chocolate. They turned out to be really good just on their own.

11. Kitkat Ginger flavour

This was surprisingly really good, especially on a cold day. I love the taste of the ginger with the chocolate. Gonna buy this again next winter.

12. Healthy club high cacao flavour

In my attempt to get some healthy snacks, I bought this! least it's packed with calcium and iron!

13. Lotus Biscoff and Poppies Caramelito

I've always enjoyed these 2 biscuits and for the longest time I've thought that they tasted really similar. This time I bought both together so that I can taste them properly and try to find the difference. But alas, they both still tastes the same to me hahaha.

14. Oni wa sotto soy bean snack

Bought this packet here in conjunction with setsubun which is a day in Japan where children will throw beans in their homes while shouting "oni wa sotto, fuku wa uchi", which means that the devils should be the house while good luck should come in!

15. Tostitos chunky salsa medium

Inspired by the tortilla chips at the bakeshop, I decided to buy a jar of salsa so that I can enjoy tortilla chips at home whenever I want. This one here is slightly spicy and tastes delicious. If you like sweet tasting salsa, you might to add some sugar to this.


  1. Ginger kit kat?! Why didn't I know of its existence before!!!

  2. Yup, this came out last autumn. I like it because of the ginger taste!