Monday, June 5, 2017

Random events

When cousin was here back in January, I went to visit him at his hotel in Shibuya and went for dinner with his family at 焼肉台所家 渋谷桜丘店.

Premium beef cuts

While the shop was really small, the beef was definitely of top quality and tasted amazing.

This 5,980 yen set here consists of 6 different cuts. While I can't really tell difference between each of them, they were delicious~ hahaha...probably the most premium yakiniki I've been to so far.

February 3rd is Setsubun and on that day, people eat Ehoumaki while facing the lucky direction for that year. As I've always wanted to try this, I pre-ordered my ehoumaki from Family Mart and at it facing the lucky direction, without speaking to anyone while eating it.

The size was pretty small but the taste was good as the seafood was really fresh!

First time at this cafe called Shinbashi coffee shop Shinbashi Station waiting cafe( 新橋珈琲店 新橋 駅前 待ち合わせ カフェ). It was interesting to just sit by the window and watch people pass by while enjoying my meal.

Since I was near Shiodome, I just had to drop by Caretta Shiodome to see this illumination again.

So pretty~ One day.....I will ring that bell!

One day while shopping around, I spotted these cute Sailormoon cookies and marshmallows. Soo pretty~

I've walked past this Miyazaki Steam-Punk Clock at NTV Shiodome several times before but never had the chance to see it perform till now. It was interesting but I guess you should only make time for this if you're in the area near it's performance time.

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