Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Shinasobatanakasekando (志奈そば 田なか セカンド), Akihabara

I haven't been to Akihabara in a very long time.

If it wasn't for Y san who invited me here for ramen, who knows when would be the next time I visit Akihabara.

We visited this ramen shop called Shinasobatanakasekando (志奈そば 田なか セカンド)

Along the way, we passed by this interesting looking anime shrine.

We went all the way there for this special salt based soup ramen.
This is their popular item and they only serve 30 servings of this a day.

While it looks plain, the soup s actually very flavourful and you can request for toppings to go along with your ramen, which I didn't because I just want to enjoy the soup as it is.

The soup was filled with umami flavours from the shrimp, abalone and escargot that were used in preparing the broth.

As you can see, this little ramen shop is pretty popular.

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