Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Stamina taro

Dinner with colleauges at Stamina Taro.

We opted for the yakiniku dinner at 2361yen.

The price is relatively reasonable as you get a lot....not just yakiniku, but pre-cooked food too. There are noodles, sushi, ice cream, pancakes, popcorn and even cotton candy.

The desserts section~

Cooked dishes
Raw meat corner

Pop-corn machine

Ice-cream section

Salad corner

One of the best part is that you get to make your own cotton candy!

Well, you can also invent your own dish like my caramel popcorn ice cream here.

We ate so much that night. While the price is cheaper than other all-you-can-eat places, the meat was of good quality.

Before the yakiniku, I actually had lunch at Toyo University and look at the huge portion of my taco rice. They even provided me with an appetiser. All these for just 500 yen. University cafeterias are the best! And yes, I didn't leave anything on my plate and swallowed everything.

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