Saturday, July 8, 2017

Japan -Beauty series 6

1. Kate colour control lip cream

I initially bought the pink one and I loved the product so much that I had to get it in orange too.

2. Softymo face wash with hyaluronic acid

I enjoy using this product while in the shower to remove my make up as it foams up nicely and removes make up well.

3. Maihada 14 day trial kit

I saw that there was a promotion for Maihada products at just 1000 yen for their 14 day trial set and decided to give it a try. This series is moisturising without being too thick and because it's a trial set, they're extremely convenient for travel.

4. Sana soy isoflavone moisturiser

This is a repeat buy. I love this brand because their products are extremely moisturising and suitable for winter. This 6 in 1 is extremely suitable for lazy people like me.

5. Kose Cosmeport wrinkle and dryness prevention mask

I bought lots of face masks last autumn for winter and this is one of them. Perfect for daily use.

6. Kose Cosmeport Babyish

Another pack of mask that's wallet friendly.

7. Happiness softener

This has got to be one of the best ones I've used. I love the long lasting fragrance it leaves on the clothes!

8. Shizens handcream

Received this as a Xmas present from ZY. Super thankful for this when I returned to Tokyo because my skin was just cracking like mad.

9. Bodyshop fuji green tea lotion

Another Xmas present from a girl exchange with the girls. Love the smell~

10. Soap and Glory Sugar Crush body buttercream

This product here is extremely thick and heavy. Not recommended for use during summer but during winter, this is an absolute life saver! I used this everyday during winter!

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