Friday, July 7, 2017

しちりん炭火焼 鉄人, Nishi-Kasai

It was the end of the term, so some of my colleagues and I decided to go grab dinner together at this yakiniku restaurant.

しちりん炭火焼 鉄人 (Shichirinsumibiyaki Tetsujin) 西葛西店

It was not bad. They used a charcoal grill.

We opted for the all-you-can-eat 100 min Takumi course which costs 2,880 yen.

Overall, dinner was good except for an incident which got us into trouble with the shop manager. One of my colleagues got too excited with the flame on their grill and accidentally poured oil instead of putting ice onto their grill which resulted in a huge flame from their grill!

Unfortunately, dinner was booked under my name and I don't think the shop manager would be too happy to see us again. Lol....

After that, we went over to a colleague's place for games. We played cards against humanity again.....

As you can see, this is the reaction~

On that week, we also organised a farewell for some of the staffs who would be leaving. All the best to them in their future endeavors. 

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