Monday, July 3, 2017

Shin-Okubo Korean food

Mish had a junior moved to Tokyo and we went for lunch together at Shin-Okuboth. 

Yh just came back from 2 overseas work trip and brought back some chocolates for us. 

Our cheese Kimchi jeon which was absolutely delicious.

The sad army stew which didn't contain that many stuffs in it and Mish's favourite spam.

The best dish was definitely this paste of spicy Korean fried chicken. Spicy, juicy and flavourful.

After that we went to a k-pop cafe in Shin-Okubo that allowed us to pick a song with out drink order. Unfortunately because it was very packed that day, we were only allowed 2 even though there were 4 of us. 

Our cute oreo float!

Welcome to Tokyo!

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