Wednesday, August 2, 2017

おでん かしみん (Oden Kashimin) at Marunouchi

Summary of the first week of April.

Snacks on our day back in school as prepared by Miss. P~ :D

Sakura, along the way to the other building. 

Lunch with colleagues at McD after our morning meeting.

Dinner with Mish at Oden Kashimin (おでん かしみん), which is one of my favourite restaurant in Marunouchi.

Counter seat this time and we got a good view of the oden pot.

Casis orange (650 yen) and the otoushi which is like an appetiser that you can't reject. Most izakaya charges a certain fee for every customer and in return, they provide a small dish. Here, the charge is 500 yen per pax.

The soup is the same chicken based soup used in the oden but with and added grilled chicken wing. You get to taste their rich chicken broth with the added fragrant from the grilled chicken wing. While the konbu in it has lost all it's flavour into the soup, it was still tasty.

Bacon and cheese (480 yen)

Daikon (290 yen). The picture above showed 1/2 of the daikon. As it was big, they cut it into half for us. The best oden daikon you will ever get in Tokyo!!! They even provide tororo konbu for you.

Also, the broth that they used had a hint of yuzu as you can see from the picture above, there's a small piece of yuzu rind on the daikon.

This here again is another way to enjoy their chicken broth. This is the tsukune (300 yen)! Absolutely delicious and classy~

Here's how their menu look like.

Only 2 pages but good enough.

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