Saturday, October 29, 2011


This is their sanshoku don which is part of their special menu for autumn. I guess it's called san because there's  3 main orange/red ingredients representing autumn served on rice. Yes....uni, ikura and kani. I love love love ikura~!! This is pricey though because of the RM48.

This is the fish appetiser....

I think Rakuzen, by far served the best sakura chirashi don....compared to the other 2 super dining restaurants: Zen and Hokkaido Ichiba, under the same group. Look at the evenly slices sashimi which are reasonably thick. Yea....the sashimi all looked fresh too and everything is well presented.

This is their grilled items set which came with....spring onions, mushrooms, prawn, fish, chicken and beef. I think this set would be great for those who ordered sake. Good to try, but I don't think I'll order this again.

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