Friday, February 6, 2015

Banana Leaf Rice at Sri Ganapathi Mess

Was flipping through my gallery and found these pics of my banana leaf rice session with Mish.

So now I'm sort of craving for one too....

It's funny how I never....or just rarely have banana leaf rice. The first time I ever tried it was with my colleagues like 5 years back. Then a second time with my dad's friend. 

Somehow last year..... I've had banana leaf rice like 3 times!!!

Well, one reason was also because Mish wanted to have it.

So here's us at Sri Ganapathi Mess.

This was a huge improvement from our first outing where both of us were so sakai that we didn't know where to begin and how to order!!!

The fried squid was really good. Besides that, we also had some chicken curry and mutton~

Lol, our small portion of rice, which was of course not enough after you start eating!!! Their curry gravies were delicious too and did I mention that they serve crab rasam?!! Yummy~

I've liked this place ever since my lab mates brought me here and would recommend it to friends. But it's best to go there early to beat the lunch crowd. That way you get to sit comfortable and enjoy your meal~

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