Monday, July 18, 2016

Anniversaire Cafe, Omotesando

I went to cut my hair back in May at a hair saloon in Omotesando. After which, I met up with K and T san for lunch at Anniversaire Cafe.

Was such a pleasant surprise to find out that behind the cafe is actually a wedding hall. While we were there, we spotted the happy couple walking out onto the streets of Omotesando. :)

I ordered the dessert set. You pay for the price of your drink order plus another 500 yen for a cake or 1,000 yen for the pain perdu.

I ordered a fruit juice (800 yen) and a pain perdu (+ 1,000yen).

My mixed berry and vanilla ice cream pain perdu (the ala carte alone costs1,400 yen) <3 

This is really good, I liked that they used brioche for the french bread. While I'm not a fan of whipped cream, the one used in this dessert wasn't as heavy as the usual ones and went well with everything.

The new haircut fresh out of the salon~ hahahaha....

It's not too bad, I had my dry ends cut off and my hair darkened a few shades.

When I met people that I had met about 2 weeks back again after my hair cut, they were like, "Did you change your make up style? You look different!?" And I'm like, "No, I just had a hair cut and I had my hair dyed." So yea, it was nice that the change was big enough to be noticed. Lol~

I like the concept of this cafe~ Hopefully, in future, I could visit this place with my special someone.

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