Sunday, May 22, 2016

VANILLA BEANS Cafe, Yokohama

Visited the VANILLA BEANS Cafe at Yokohama with ST san. 

He's the one who introduced this cafe as he had read that this place serves really good chocolate.

I can never resist anything chocolate, so we dropped by for tea. Plus this is their flagship store at Minatomirai.

This is my order of Vanilla beans fondant chocolate (864 yen).

This was definitely one of the best I've had! While I'm not a fan of vanilla ice cream, I like the smooth and light texture of theirs. It went super well with the fondant chocolate and the frozen raspberries and pistachios.

The star of the day would probably have to be this~ This white cream is actually made from the husk or something of cacao. I can't really remember it now. But this dessert was made from the entire fruit. You get to taste parts of the fruit that you will not usually get to.

The cream was super light and the taste is pretty special. There's a slight hint of tartness to it. Definitely something very special. If only I didn't have lunch, I would definitely order one for myself too!

Behold it's true face~ hahaha...... Priced at 1,944yen, it's price is on the high side. But the fact that there's a limit of only 10 serves per day. If it's available on the day of your visit, why not?

The dessert was so good that I had to buy one of their little gift cake home to try. This one here is their "Three pleasures" petit chocolate cake. 

Prices at 324yen, it was definitely pricey.....considering how small the actual cake is.

Look at it in comparison to my candy......

But no regrets in getting it because it was super yummy~!!! :D

Do check out their website for more details of this shop:

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