Sunday, December 9, 2018

More yummy Malaysian food~

More pictures of the yummy food from my trip back home.

The first picture was a nasi lemak bento from mum's friend who cooke everything herself and yummy~ I love the squid sambal.

This big put here.....really big pot here is mum's pig skin and veg curry. This here is just on pot....there's actually two. When mum cooks, she cooks for the entire literally. YUMMY~ home cooked food is the best!

Dinner with my favourite cousin at fatty crab for some chilli crabs.

Followed by Inside Scoop ice cream at Sunway Pyramid.

Having my favourite buttermilk waffle with ice cream that comes in interesting flavours like dragon fruit, passion fruit and houjicha.

More veg curry from mum~

This here is my favourite rojak ever from SS15!!! Sooo good.....Thank you so much Mummy who queued out in the hot sun for this!

Friday, December 7, 2018

Madam Kwan, Sunway Pyramid

Dinner to catch up with the girls but sadly Jas couldn't be there to join us as she is away on a conference/holiday trip.

We're at Madam Kwan again. We were there the year before too. I noticed that Madam Kwan has come up with their own tapioca chips, which was delicious. They just place it on the table, if yuo open it, they will charge you for it but if not, no.

We tried the soft shell crab rojak which I think is a new item on their menu This is definitely a premium rojak because of the soft shell crabs and also, the price!!! But it was good as the soft shell crab was fried nicely and I never knew that it would go well with rojak sauce.

For our main dishes, we had the kuey teow which was super yummy!

Then we also had their fish noodles which were super yummy too\! Omg I was super glad that we went there. Even though the price might be high, but the taste was amazing! I highly recommend this dish!

The last time when we ordered the satay, all of us really enjoyed it, so we ordered it again this time. Again, the meat was well marinated and goes well with the peanut sauce.

Always wish that the sauce came in a bigger bowl!

For dessert, we had cnedol!

Lastly, a group picture with Madam Kwan.

Congratulations to Tham too who was then pregnant with her second child who is already born now. :D

Wednesday, December 5, 2018


Meeting up with old lab mates at Canton-i in Sunway Pyramid.

How time JM is now a mummy and that porridge there is for baby Wilshire.

It was really nice to catch up with them again after so long and that now all of us have graduated and moved on.

Dim sum at Canton-i is always good. I missed these fried fritters and salted-egg custard bun so much!

In Japan, dim sum is not as great and expensive.

After sitting down and catching up for a few hours, I couldn't believe that we forgot to take a group picture.

The only person I got a picture with was baby Wilshire.

heehee, and I dun think he likes Aunty Mel that much.

I think the next time we do meet up, there will be many more little ones joining us. 

Monday, December 3, 2018

Bits from here and there

One of the things I miss most about home is mum's cooking. As I don't have many days I really have to be very specific with what I want to eat. of the dishes I picked was the 'choy kiok', which is braised vegetables and left over meat or other items that can add flavour into the broth. The broth itself is spicy, sour and filled with umami from all the other ingredients that are added into the pot. I especially enjoy the veg with the mushrooms. Usually, people would add more broth but I only wanted to eat the veg so I didn't take any of the broth.

There are also many fruits that I miss while in Japan....Red dragon fruit, mango, coconut, passion fruit, etc. I especially love that we can have any fruit whenever we want and not have to wait for a certain season or for there to be discounts to buy any.

Then there are also soups and desserts that I miss. I'm super greedy.....or.....the grass just always seem greener on the other side.

Below are some pictures from my outing with Amanda for banana leaf rice. But it's more like me having lunch and Amanda just talking to me as she was having food poisoning and doesn't want to deprive me of some good banana leaf rice.

While the colours look a bit scary, the taste was very good. I guess I wanted to try too many different curries as my rice looks like it's drenched in sauce.

That night, I also had time to squeeze in a dinner with the U group. It was great to catch up with G, H and A again. It was especially great to find out that G is pregnant with ther 3rd child and this time the baby is a girl!!! I can't believe that she was already pregnant when I met up with her back in Tokyo a few months back but at that time, she didn't know that she was pregnant too.

We grabbed dinner at Go noodles house as I really miss their noodle soup that comes with delicious meatballs!

Saturday, December 1, 2018

Day 3

YL stayed over the night before as we were at seawitch's place till past mid night. 

In the morning, we went for breakfast with the family at Jin Xuan. Dim Sum is like the family thing to do. And I enjoy the dim sum there.

Tada, my favourite dish there....which is not a traditional dim sum dish at all. Lol...

The for lunch, I had not 1 but 2 bowls of this delicious watercress soup that mum made. This is one of my favourite soups. I just wish that I could get a big bunch of watercress here too.

For dinner, I met up with the dance gang for Nyonya food in SS2.

Stole a bite from Sky's ice kacang...I wished that this would come with more gula melaka.

We had chicken, squid, mango salad, curry fish head and stir fried paku,

Overall the food was ok. I think the one the we went to years ago was better.

But still, the curry fish head was good and so is the paku veg,

Stole another bite from Amanda's cendol.

After dinner, we went to Joy St. for some delicious ice cream. They serve some interesting flavour like avocado mango, which was delicious.

Some pictures from the night taken by Jeffrey.

Can't wait to see them in Tokyo this Nov~

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Dinner and board games

For dinner, we went for crabs at Crab B seafood restaurant in Puchong.

I really miss this cute little veg called paku. So cute and delicious!

This is a new kind of fried yam dish that I've never tried before and it was good!

Even though I'm not a fan of tofu, I found the tofu to be yummy and it was great that they served it in 2 different ways.

For the highlight of the dinner, CRABS! We had the crabs cooked in creamy salted egg yolk. Super good~!!! The creamy sauce goes super well with the fried man tou! I can't get enough of this. Wish I could get this here in Japan too.

The crabs are XXL size so they're big and meaty!!!

Look at the amount of food on our table~!!! We finished everything!! :D

The second crab dish that we had was this kam heong one which has a stronger flavour than the previous one. I enjoyed this too though I was skeptical at first.

After dinner, we went over to seawtich's place for board games and look at the huge collection that Sinbad has!!!! They can totally open a board game cafe!

Board games was really fun and I wish that I can do this more often. 

Games that stimulates your brain.....I like how it brings out the competitive spirit in myself too.