Tuesday, January 17, 2017

First time in Nara

Early in the morning, the girls and I took the local train to Nara station.

There we had breakfast at Vie De France before heading towards the tourist information centre, located right outside the station.

Look at the amount of bread we bought!

First time here and the bread was surprisingly really good. None of the items were bad. The croissant was delicious~

After that, we bought the Nara bas pass for 500 yen from the tourist information centre which allowed us unlimited rides on the local bus around the area.

First stop was Kōfuku-ji. Here you can see the Tō-kondō (East Golden Hall) and Gojū-no-tō five-storied pagoda.

As it was drizzling the entire time we were there, we didn't really enjoyed the visit. We dropped by a nearby convenient store and bought some umbrellas and rain coat afterwards.

After that, we boarded the bus to Nara park.

There you can see many deers who will be following you around if you have food with you.

haha.....trying to selfie with the deer.

They don't seem to be too interested in me as I didn't have any food with me.

Autumn colours~

There we visited Tōdai-ji, the "Great Eastern Temple".

Us photo-bombing Chong~

hahaha...don't think she minds actually~

See that big smile?

I spotted this pillar with a hole in it in the temple and there was as queue for it. People were waiting for their turn to squeeze through it. 

I immediately remembered that I once saw it on TV. This hole is about the same size as the nostril on the Buddha's statue and it was said that anyone who managed to squeeze through would get enlightenment.

It was great to know that I didn't have to suffer the embarrassment of having someone push or pull me to help me through.

 I managed to do it all on my own~! :D

After that, we took the bus back to Nara station and took the train to Osaka station.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Universal Studios Japan~ HARRY POTTER!

There must be something about Osaka and myself. This is the second time that I'm in Osaka for my birthday. The last time, I was on a plane from KL to Osaka and from Osaka, I took a bus to Okayama. This time, I got to celebrate my birthday with good friend and in USJ! Best day ever~!!!

I have been wanting to visit The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in USJ for a long time. So I was super excited. Plus, since it was my birthday, I got a cute little Elmo sticker to stick on my shirt. Every time the staff sees the sticker, they will wish me and seriously, I have never had sooo many strangers wish me Happy Birthday before! hahaha.....

First place we visited in the park was the The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. The walk into the park reminds me of the walk through the forbidden forest and we even spotted Mr. Weasley's car!


Sooo fitting for Christmas~!!

Of course, we need to snap one pic with the Hogwart's Express.

This butterbeer is a must drink~ We tried both the cold and hot one.....super good! Highly recommended!

Owl post!

Look at the amount of parcels. This is actually a shop selling various Harry Potter items. I bought a Pasmo card holder from here which I love so much! No regrets at all!

Spotted Ollivanders from across and we decided to queue for the show.

The queue leads to this amazing view of Hogwarts!

My dream school lol~

At Ollivander's....we queued for about 30mins for this show. Once the show started, Ollivander picked one audience to participate in a show with him. I was really lucky to have been selected.

Here, I'm trying out my first wand by Ollivander.

My first wand wasn't quite the one for me...so was the second one and finally, my third wand~

Let's test it out~

Tada~ apparently third time's the charm!

I was really amazed that when I performed the spells that Ollivander taught, lights came on, cells rang and there was even a gush of wind! It was such an amazing experience for me~! I imagined that it would be even more amazing for a child~ :D

Next up, we went to Hogwarts to queue for the 4D ride.

Totally my thing, potions class~

This was the most popular ride in USJ and hence the queue was almost 3 hours long. But it was sooo worth it!

I highly recommend the ride because it was a one of a kind and if you love Harry Potter, it is a must do!!!! <3

Just can't get enough~

Here's us enjoying our Churros~ Yummy! I love having churros in amusement parks!

Initially I was thinking of getting a head gear in USJ

However, there aren't as many people in head gears as in Disneyland here.....

So instead of getting one, we went for food instead! hahaha....poor us, as we wanted to go for the Spiderman ride afterwards, we just sat down on the side of the road to enjoy out turkey legs!

I love their turkey legs, I get one every time I visit Universal Studios~

Here's a candid shot by Lina that I really like hahahaa.....just me staring at Chong as she savours her turkey leg!

My gosh~ we just keep eating and eating. I think we get something to munch on after every ride!

Yes, it was cold....but one can never say no to ice cream~! :)

Chong and Lina ordered pizzas~

At night, there was this beautiful illumination~

There were Christmas songs playing in the background~

There was this super huge Christmas tree~!!!

I guess Christmas came early for me! hahaha......

Spot the screens?
There displayed messages from various ppl for their loved ones.....lovers, parents, friends.....and the messages were super touching! I couldn't help by cry as I read them~!!! 

Before we left, we went back for another round of Harry Potter 4D ride! So happy that we went back because we managed to catch another Harry Potter show by Durmstrang and Beauxbatons! Earlier in the day, we watched a show by the Hogwarts students.

Just can't get enough~

As we were leaving, we spotted the train conductor!!!

Our diner place lol~

<3 this so much~

The customary shot with the globe~

It so happens that it was USJ's 15th anniversary!

After that we went to Universal city walk for dinner

We got omurice at Pomme's

This was my second time at Pomme's and both times I was in Osaka!

My omurice which was DELICIOUS!

After a tiring day, I got surprised with this Pablo cheese cake by the girls~

Really didn't expect this and hence was really happy! Plus I've never had Pablo cheesecake before.

May all my wishes come true~

Us trying to fit all our heads and the cake in this selfie~

The cake was nice when chilled and I supposed, it would taste better fresh~

Super thankful to the girls for the surprise and I'm also extremely grateful that they visited Osaka during my birthday month because if not, I might have to celebrate my birthday by myself.
:D <3