Saturday, April 18, 2015

Arrival & Pancake Parlour

Arrived at Melbourne in the middle of the night and I'm so thankful for Pancy who came to pick me up!!!

After picking me up, she brought me for supper at this place called Pancake Parlour~ 

The menu

We both had the short stack pancakes~

Here's the lovely Pancy~

We ordered the lemongrass and ginger tea~ 

First time seeing this brand of tea~

Here's mine, with chocolate ice cream~

And here's Pancy's with whipped cream~

Even though it's like 2am, we're still happy~

The pancakes here may look simple and plain but OMG!!!! they're so fluffy!!! Definitely one of the best I've had especially when you pair that with maple syrup!!!! The best part of all - free flow of  maple syrup!!!

Here's mine drenched in maple syrup! The hot pancake goes so well with the cold ice cream~!!! Not very healthy especially in the middle of the night but it's super good!



Thursday, April 16, 2015

Supper at lobby cafe

My time at Genting was truly not the healthiest as my meals were always not fixed. I also ate like 4 heavy meals per day instead of 3 with the last one being super late night supper!!!

I usually sleep at 11pm so having supper at almost midnight is considered super late night for me because it is after my usual sleeping time.

Plus it doesn't help when we go for unhealthy food like this roti below!

But when it's that late, most restaurants have already closed and there's not many options left. The lobby cafe is super convenient for us because it's near where we stayed. While we were having supper, we spotted members of the team walk past one by one. Lol~ we were joking that we can see that who actually return back to their room early and who roams around till late night...... kekeke,

Also, this is actually quite good because the chef makes it really thin so some parts were relatively crunchy and I enjoy the crunch!

Had this one night with Miss MC and AK after a busy evening. I this was the evening where ST-san and I missed dinner because of some error with the projector and we were waiting the entire time for the personnel-in-charge to come fix it. -_-!

We were supposed to go join the others for dinner at this really good seafood restaurant. However, ST-san and I couldn't leave even after 30mins the others had left. MK even came back to check on us........but we just can't leave because we had to make sure that everything is fixed before the next show. Then 1 hour before the next show, the guy finally came back!!!! 

ST-san was quite upset because the guy didn't keep his promise to stay back in the hall and left for dinner until just 1 hour before the next show. By that time it's already our standby time and it's a bit too late if there's truly something to repair. But thank goodness, the problem was fixed immediately! However, it is too late to grab dinner by then. So we both worked on an empty stomach for the next 3 hours.

Like seriously, the only reason why we waited was because he said he will be there but then he went for dinner!!! Talk about having a sense of responsibility!!! NONE!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Lunch with Dad at Jyu Raku

Mum went to watch a concert with her friends the night before and followed them on a trip to Ipoh so Dad and I were left to settle our meals by ourselves last Sunday.

After class, we decided to go for Japanese food which was rare because Dad is really not a fan of Japanese food.

But I guess he has recently that there's more than just raw fish so he's been more accepting of it.

Here's what I ordered, Sake sanshoku moriawase (RM38) that came with 2 different cuts and ikura. This was from the sashimi section and I just ordered a bowl of sushi rice (RM3) to go with it.

Oooo.....I'm salivating just looking at this pic! 

The salmon was super good~ especially the salmon belly!!!!

Dad's Ten Don Zen set that was available for lunch (RM30).

The tempura was well made! Lightly battered and not oily at all. Dad said that it was delicious! (Phew! what a relief~)

We also ordered a salmon teppanyaki (RM24) to be shared.

I absolutely love the shredded vegetables. They actually went very well with my sushi rice! hahahaa...... The salmon was cooked nicely too. 

Then for desserts, I ordered the goma ice cream (RM8). hehehe....... :D

I guess we shall return with Mum again one day as the food was good~

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Lunch buffet at Coffee Terrace, Genting

Went for lunch buffet at with Miss MC at the Coffee Terrace one day and were surprised to find that they actually serve a semi-buffet for lunch (RM38) rather than a full- buffet.

So how this works is that you will get 4 coupons and you can use it to order any food you like from any of the counters. Meanwhile, the appetisers and desserts section are free-flow.

Here's what we had.....we each took a plate of appetiser, followed by 5 hot dishes which we ordered from the different stations.

This was supposed to be ikan bakar but they just steamed the fish and topped it with sauce so it wasn't that good. This was from the Malaysian corner.

Some chicken stew with potatoes and mushrooms from the Chinese section.

Steamed tilapia with chilli, also from the Chinese section

This was my plate of appetiser, the bun was for the cream broccoli soup which was really good. The salad was pretty standard but there is a wide selection.

The cream broccoli soup~

Satay from the Malaysian section. I absolutely love the peanut sauce. It was served hot and with lots of peanut. I think I ordered this twice. Not sure about the ketupat because I didn't have any.

We also ordered Char Kuey Teow which was probably the best dish here! Super fragrant! I think the 2 of us finished the entire dish.

Miss MC's appetiser with cold cuts and cheese.

I was the only one who still had stomach for desserts after the meal.....
hehee....every girl's got a separate stomach for desserts right? 

My rainbow and chocolate ice cream topped with choc chips which tasted normal. I think they used Walls ice cream of not mistaken.

A small little brownie and lemon tart. Both tasted ok but could've been better.

As we were only 2 girls, we've tried our best but we still didn't finish all our vouchers.


I actually came back to this place for dinner buffet after our trip to Terengganu with D, H and W. 

Then again, on my last day in genting for lunch with the entire crew......about 15 of us?

Since I already knew that the char kuey teow was the best thing there, I went to order it immediately after taking my cream broccoli soup. While ordering, FH-san was nearby and looked interested in the dish too. So I told him to order the wat dan hor which is probably not available in Japan too and that I'll give him half of my char kuey teow. 

Back at the table, I gave him half of my order as he was just seated opposite from me and to return the favour, he gave me half of his -_-! which I really don't need because I wanted to save my stomach for other things. But oh well.....

So while tasting it, ST-san who was seated between us seemed interested in the dish too, especially since FH-san kept saying that the dish was really good! Eventually, he got everyone of them interested in it! Lol~

So for the next round, about 5 of them went to order it at the same time! hahaha....I'm not sure if will actually taste as good as the first one because the chef mass manufactured theirs for them! But they all said that it was super delicious. I think either MK-san or HK-san said that they hoped that they've discovered this dish earlier~ :D But MK-san definitely said that this was the best thing he had in Malaysia and he only discovered it on his last day!!!!

At that moment, I was thinking that if only we had more time for meals together....I would definitely introduce them to as many different Malaysian food as possible and hopefully not just fine in Genting next time! 

Then when it was time for desserts, as I was ordering ice cream, MK-san came to ask me what's the creamy looking stuff at the side there and only then did I realised that they serve cendol there. I had been telling MK-san and FH-san about Malaysian desserts like ABC and cendol while on our return journey back from Terengganu in the bus. But I didn't know where to get them. was sooo difficult to explain the desserts to them. I said that they're like kakigoori (japanese shaved ice) but not exactly because there's lots of extra condiments. Then I had to explain what's in ABC and what's in cendol......and what are those jelly!!! gosh~ :o

I was super happy when I saw it! I immediately ordered 2 bowls for MK-san though he only asked to try one!!! But I need to get them to try it!!! Even though I'm not sure how good the taste will be!

I even asked for extra gula melaka for the cendol even though MK-san didn't really like sweet things as I felt that it's very Malaysian and definitely different from the japanese black sugar. However. he didn't seem shocked with the colours of the ABC. He shared the dessert with the others and they all said that the cendol was good, especially if you like coconut. As for the ABC, I'm not exactly sure how the entire bowl ended up with IK-san who had to finish the entire bowl by himself but he didn't seem to mind.

I ordered a bowl just for myself too and when I went back, their bowl of cendol had disappeared. MK-san who was just seated next to me on the next table really wanted some, so I scooped some out for him into his plate! I didn't know why he didn't just bring a bowl. Then KH-san who was seated opposite him became interested and asked if he could try some of he took not just one but like 3/4 spoons full! hahaha.....super cute, he was like oh, it's sooo good!

I'm just super happy that they enjoyed these very local dishes! If only there was more time but it was already the last day!! On their first few days here, I felt so bad that they weren't enjoying the food here and some of them just couldn't eat at all....... as we were all new there and didn't where we could or could not eat. Moreover, all the food were expensive!!

Monday, April 13, 2015

Jan meet up at Epicuro

Moon, Nick and I decided this year that we should make it a point to meet up once a month.

This was back in January when we were super enthusiastic about the idea. Then due to various reasons.....we did not meet again till April~ hehehe....

We met up at Epicuro, Damansara Uptown, for late lunch.

Raspberry tea
I had to order this because of it's name! But look at the colour~ so pretty!!! Love the acidity of the tea and the nice berry fragrant from it.

Big breakfast
Moon and I shared this together with the carbonara. This was pretty standard - yummy fluffy eggs with nicely sautéed mushroom, bacon, sausage and toast. As I like a little crunch, I did like the fact that they included hash brown.

Spaghetti Carbonara
This was lovely!!! I absolutely love the bacon bits! Would definitely order this again!

Can't remember what this dish was but it reminds of the Chicken Schnitzel.
Nick's order. Didn't try the chicken, but it looks good and the portion was huge. The skinny fries were nice and crunchy!

Overall, it was a good experience. Hope to be back again to have that spaghetti carbonara again and perhaps to try their pork chops.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Tea break at Bakery, Genting

Tea break at the bakery again. This was from when H was still in Genting.....the both of us went for tea break together.

I ordered the Chocolate cake which was lovely. Love the smooth mousse with the soft sponge cake!

H ordered the mixed fruit custard tart which was good too. I really like the fruit tarts at the Bakery, much better than the ones from Lobby Cafe. The tart crust here have a nice crumbly feel to it and the custard definitely tastes better. As for the fruits, I guess its pretty standard??

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Late lunch at Bubbles & Bites, Genting

Went for late lunch one day with Miss MC. This was probably from our last few days there and I was starting to feel a bit lonely.

Roasted baby potatoes, which are always nice. It's almost became a comfort food now.....

My squid ink pasta, which was lacking in salt. But thank goodness the seafood was fresh!

Here's what she had, the aglio olio with seafood. This was good especially with the black pepper.

And as usual, the portions were huge. As I had a heavy breakfast the day before, I didn't finish my meal.