Friday, March 16, 2018

Eating Japan - Snack series 19

1. Calbee uma shio

 Got cheated into buying this just because it says  salt from France on the package but it's not like I can tell the difference Lol

2. Orange juice

This orange juice here is really good. There's real pulps in it so you feel healthy drinking it.

3. Morinaga milk tea cake

I thought that this looks interesting as a work place snack and this flavour should be nice as the weather gets cold.  The cake is soft and goes well with the cream but I don't think I'll buy this again as I don't really like it.

4. Xylitol sugar free gums 

Yummy gums that are good for any occasion!

5. Lotte Toppo bitter chocolate

Stick snacks like these are always good. I somehow feel that lotte's ones doesn't taste as good compared to pocky.

6. Salty lemonade sparkling

This was yummy and refreshing for a hot day! 

7. Japanese style pecan nuts chocolate

Bought these from Kusatsu onsen when I visited with my parents. 

These are super yummy and I can't get enough of them! We bought so many boxes and I'm glad we did! I will definitely buy this again if I see it. 

8. Doutour peach tea

I guess I thought this was healthy just because it says that it contains collagen haha. . but I'm really not sure if my body actually absorbs it.

9. Kiwi fruit drink

As the Orange one tasted superb, I thought I'd try the kiwi one too and nope, what a wrong move that was. I should've just sticked to orange. 

10. YBC sour cream chips

Sour cream chips are relatively rare in Japan and you sort of miss this flavour after not having it for some time. Hence I was tempted to buy this when I saw it. 

Wednesday, March 14, 2018


First time at Ikinari Steak in Shibuya!

Came here because Heather heard from her friends that the steak here is amazing. The concept was definitely interesting because you order at the tell them which cut of meat you want and how you want it to be cooked. The steak was good. I really like the daikon salad though....we ordered a second one!

After that we went to Rikugien for the autumn foliage.

There was a long queue outside but luckily it moved quickly.

I love how beautiful the trees look.


There were many people here that day and luckily the garden was pretty big.

Imagine living near Rikugien and you get to see beautiful trees right from your balcony.

I was last here for night sakura back in 2016 and I'm glad I came back.

There's a tea house there too.....

The japanese garden

I especially love these last 2 views~

Everything just look super picturesque.


Monday, March 12, 2018

Malaysian dinner

Grabbed dinner at shibuya with a group of Malaysian friends at the a Malaysian restaurant. 

I think it was the first time uve travelled it like this after work ever since I've changed jobs. 

Lol first time having milo in Japan and it's super sweet!  I'm very sure that they added condensed milk to it. 

As usual, I always have the satay and roti canai  when dining there. 

We also ordered this plate of fried chicken to share. 

Char kuey teow.... such I somehow feel tastes better here compared to the other shop.

This fried fish was yummy especially with it's sweet and sour sauce. 

We also got an otak otak. Huge difference in taste when compared to the ones in muar. Not sure why but this one has a fish cake consistency.

This grilled fish here was an add on and it was the killer!  It was sooo spicy that I could only take one bite! Yup, just one bite.....

I think you sort of lose your ability to eat spicy food after being in Japan for so long. 

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Osteria Italiana COVA

Visited Osteria Italiana COVA for the first time with Mish and we both quickly fell in love with this place!

We had a counter seat and got to see everything that goes on in the kitchen~

We ordered the 3200yen lunch course. The one on top is our fish appetiser and it was super good!

I was seated next to this collection of bones and rocks which I found interesting. Little did I know that they were used as part of the food presentations.

Look at the different sized ladles.

This here is my fish appetiser which I absolutely love.

Mish had this salad style dish as her appetiser. 


Warm bread~!!! I especially love the focaccia served here.

This here is my first main. I found it interesting that the chef used burdock root in this cream sauce pasta.

Mish's order~

My second main dish which is grilled pork. The potato was super sweet and yummy.

Mish ordered this fish dish and it was delicious too.

This was the dessert that came with our course and it had soo many components to it. It's like a deconstructed tart!

And to end the meal, green tea and more sweets~

While 3200yen might be expensive, but if you look at the amount of effort that goes into preparing the meal and all the different ingredients, it's really worth it!

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Hiking at Mount Takao

First time at Mount Takao

I'm so glad that we came during autumn where the autumn foliage was super pretty.

Here's a pic of us taking as rest mid way

The view was amazing. Even though the route that we took was steep and tiring, it was all worth it for this view.

Didn't have any hiking clothes so I wore my uniqlo jacket and I swear I must be like the brightest person there.

It was kinda hard to snap a nice picture with no one in the background as there were many people there! this candid shot!

Us trying to look fabulous~!

We took a different route down that didn't have a proper paved route as our way up.

I took this pic at the summit~!

There were even more people at the summit because all the different routes up and down merge here!

It was super hard to snap a proper picture.

While it was easy to hike up, the way down was difficult and scary for me because there were no proper routes or steps. Huge thanks to Kiu who helped me down.

After resting, we decided to head down as we couldn't find an interesting restaurant for lunch.

But we had snacks on the way up. I packed like 2 huge almond butter sandwiches. That's like a total of 3 sandwiches if I include the one I had for breakfast!

There were many people queuing here to take the cable car up.

Soo pretty~ 

heehee....A crazy picture of us to end the post.