Monday, May 21, 2018

Food day in Ikebukuro

Early in the morning, I cooked bah kut teh for Mish and I. Here's my take on the famous Malaysian dish. I think I did a pretty good job. Heehee.....

At noon, I met up with Yh for lunch at a Vietnamese restaurant were Yh had porridge while I had tom yum pho.

As we were walking around, we discovered that there was a Hokkaido food fair going on and we got super excited!

To start off, we had a pumpkin ice cream which was super delicious and I absolutely love those freeze dried pumpkin on the ice cream!

After that, we went to for sushi at Midori sushi. My first visit to this famous shop.

And I can see why it's so popular. The sushi were fresh, delicious and the prices decent!

As if we didn't have enough sushi, we went back to the Hokkaido food fair and bought this extravagant crab bento! The most expensive bento I have ever purchased!!!! But the crabs were really good even though we had the bento cold and out in the cold winter.

We also bought this Fromage double cheese cake from LeTAO but what we did not know was that the cake was frozen solid!!! So we couldn't dig into it there. Instead I bought it over and brought it home!

Friday, May 18, 2018

Lunch at Shibuya

Met up with Y san whom I first met in KL for lunch at NAPOLIMANIA.

Love their pizza, but I would definitely prefer it to be less burnt.

We also shared a pasta which was ok. 

After lunch, we walked to Daikanyama area for dessert at this cafe which was famous for their fluffy pancakes. I forgot the name of the cafe and I didn't pay much attention to it.

As we were still pretty full, we shared this pancake here. Probably the thickest and fluffiest pancakes I've ever had. 

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Sakuragicho - 丿貫 & Nogeyama Zoo

Went to this ramen place near Sakuragicho station called 丿貫.

This place is pretty popular and I can see why. Their menu changes frequently and the soup is absolutely delicious and super flavourful. I ordered the prawn ramen and the soup was superb! I also like the fact that the noodles were thin.

I had a second serving of noodles by mistake. I thought that I was ordering some jalapeno prawns.....definitely didn't know that it would turn out to be like this! While unexpected, this dry ramen was flavourful and yummy too!

First time at Nogeyama Zoo which is a free zoo in the area.

This is a pretty good zoo.The ground space is big and there are many animals. Definitely worth a visit.

At night, I had this IRVINS salted egg potato chips from Chong and I absolutely love them~!!! Just can't get enough of the salted egg flavour.

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Farewell for G

Went to this A1 bah kut teh place in Jujo for G's farewell

G and I walked past this shop not knowing that it's the shop that we are looking for because it looked just like an izakaya from the outside.......until we smelled bah kut teh!

Their menu is interesting as it looks like an izakaya menu.

Spotted this chicken wing dish and we decided to order one while waiting for TJ to arrive.

This is the normal Bah kut teh set and the one below is the ribs version.

The soup is super thick/ kotteri and it has a lot of fat in it!!!! The oil on top literally hardened right after we took pictures of the food. The soup was super fattening and didn't really have the herbal taste.

We saw that they have this rib dish and decided to try it. Not sure what to relate this dish to. Basically just ribs with some dark sauce, mayo and chilli flakes.

This shop has fried cruellers too but they were super thick and not the light kinds that I like. And then there's this bah kut teh salad like dish at the bottom. When we arrived, we were like erm.....totally different from what we expected. We thought it was stir fried veg, but it turned out to be raw veg topped with dark soy sauce and pork.

After that, we walked to a meet fresh nearby for some Taiwanese dessert.

Didn't expect to find such a shop in Tokyo.

We ordered 3 bowls of desserts!

A group pic of the "Tozai" group.

We walked from Tokyo to Saitama and took a train back home~

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

New Year holidays

It's my first time spending New Years in Japan and since it's an important holiday here, we get several days off.

Second day of New Years and we're out again. We grabbed lunch before walking around in search of some fukubukuro.

Lol, even the supermarket were selling these festive looking apples!

Third day of New Year and I'm out in Suidobashi to catch the Ultraman show.

K san was nice enough to bring me into the venue where I got to watch another great show in Japan. 

After the show, I walked around the exhibition area and spotted this amazing Belial statue. are the cutest! This emma says "I wanna be an Ultraman!"

This kid here wants to be Belial! :D

There were even Ultraman omikuji for sale~

So grateful for another great show. This is the 3rd show I've watched in Tokyo.

After that, I got gindaco :D soooo good on a super cold day!

Sunday, May 6, 2018

New Year's Eve

Went to Pie Holic for pie buffet on New Year's Eve with Mish. As we didn't make a booking, we had to sit outside in the cold~ It was super cold.....never am I going to sit outside again!

After brunch, we decided to take a long walk of exploration.

Along the way, we found some interesting spots.


As we had a very heavy brunch, we skipped lunch. For dinner, we wanted to grab something near us but unfortunately nothing was open, except for this soba shop! As expected of New Year's eye, everyone is at home with their family watching kouhaku and having toshi koshi soba~

It makes sense why soba shop was the only shop that was open!

The top one is mine. The soba was yummy. I've never had such a beautiful bowl of soba before and I guess it makes sense why it costs 1000 yen. 

This one here is Mish's dry soba which was interesting as we've never seen anything like it before.


After dinner, we took the midnight train out to Shinjuku and visited a shrine there where we saw this huge line of people waiting for their turn to pray.

This is the japanese lion dance which also eats a person's head for good luck.

Then we moved on to another area to wait for Mish's friend's concert to end so that we can go to another shrine for our hatsumode.

We went to hatsumode and arrived back home at about 4am!

We showered and slept and then woke up at in time for lunch on New Year's Day. 

We went out not knowing that most shops aren't open on New Year's. 

So we went to a kaiten sushi to grab food instead.