Saturday, February 24, 2018

Autumn foliage in Aoyama

Chong and I went to Meiji Jingu Shrine and as with last year around Nov, they had this chrysanthemum festival on the way to the shrine. The flowers are super pretty and they're huge compared the ones that we usually see!

I also like the miniature versions. Here is one of the Japanese festival shichi go san.

Spotted this at the entrance of the shrine and I love the colour! I was surprised by how big it was!!!

Here's my face for comparison

After that, we strolled along Omotesando and went to Dean and Deluca to grab some cakes for tea break.

I also enjoy their bake items because they're really very good! And they always come up with new items.

This one here is the best scone I've ever had!!! It's caramel flavoured and has such a lovely texture that's different from the usual scone. Also, it's flavourful and tastes good when eaten on it's own.

After tea break, we went to Aoyama dori for the autumn foliage. 

I came here last year too and this time, there were less people because it was drizzling on the day we were there,

Even though the weather wasn't that great, it didn't affect our mood one bit. We still enjoyed the autumn colours!

I really got to thank Chong for all these beautiful pictures. When I came here last year, I was alone, so I didn't have anyone to snap any pictures for me.

Before heading back, we stopped by eggcellent for some egg tarts. I got their special creme crulee version which was like an ice cream creme brulee. It was cold and hard but I really enjoyed the burnt sugar on the egg tart.

Another very fun day with Chong~ 

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Food escapades with Chong

Chong came to grab lunch with me again near my office.

We went to this cafe in a hotel nearby where they served lunch mains with all you can eat sides like the ones above.

Chong ate the pork cutlet curry while I had the Indian style chicken curry.

The main was good but I think I enjoyed the various appetisers more! I can't get enough of them! 

I just had to bring Chong to try Sora no iro's kinoko ramen. 

In the 2 months that I've not been here, I didn't know that they've changed their decor and they no longer served free bean sprouts :(

heehee.....posing with the bib.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Eating Japan - Snack series 17

1. Calbee Matcha potato chips

This limited edition chips was interesting because it is coated with matcha flavoured chocolate. If you enjoy the combination of sweet and salty, you will really like this.

2. Assorted rice crackers

Great work snacks. You'll never get bored as there are many different flavours. My favourite is the goma shoyu.

3. Match salt potato chips

I bought this at a shop selling specialty items form various parts of Japan and I was really interested in this match salt flavour. This was really good actually!

4. Ginger candy

Love all these ginger candies for days when your throat is not feeling too well.

5. Topvalu Tortilla chips

These were surprisingly good with salsa.

6. Fun teas

Received these from Mish and they're interesting flavours which I've not tried before. My fav. was the british morning hahaha....

7. Lotte Pablo Choco Pie

I introduced this to Jas and she absolutely love much...that she asked if I could buy more to send some back home.

8. Dokbokki chips

Bought this from the korean mart and it's probably one of the most flavourful chips you'll find.

9. Calbee Garlic Shrimp

Garlic and shrimp? 2 of my favourite combinations. I just had to buy this when I saw this!!! I would love this flavour on potato chips though.

10. Turkish dry figs

Wanted to find some slightly healthier snacks and bought this. Love the centre portion with the seed, though I did find that it's quite sweet.

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Eating Japan -Bread series 7

1. Yubari melon danish

Spotted this product at Family mart and I just had to get it because it looks so good. I like how the buns are like mini melon pans and the filling is a melon cream!

2. Ande red bean danish bread

I love danish bread and will usually buy one when I see one. This one here is really nice when toasted and not too sweet.

3. Mister Donut

I passed by mister donut one day and spotted this creme brulee like donut which looked super yummy. True enough, it has a nice brulee like coating and taste really good.

4. Mentaiko Potato Bun

I've never tried a mentaiko potato bun before and this was surprisingly good!

5. Custard coronet

Bought this from a bakery in Ueno station while waiting for Yh's colleagues. Love the pie crust like outer shell with the custard filling.

6. Cheese bread

This bread here was recommended to me by K. This was from a bakery near our house. It surprisingly had lots of cheese in it!

7. JIF extra crunchy peanut butter

Dad and Mum brought this for me when they came to visit. It's been almost 18 months since I had peanut butter. Missed this so much that I finished the entire jar in 2 weeks! :D

8. Konbini chocolate cake

Convenient stores in Japan have really good dessert. I bought this as a reward for myself because there were no cake shops nearby. The chocolate flavour was really strong and the cake was very moist!

After this cake, I haven't had much opportunity to buy bread anymore as I have bought a bread maker and have been making my own bread at home.

Friday, February 16, 2018

Yokohama with K

Finally back at Pie Holic again after more than a year~!!! :D

K and I arrived early at 10.30am because I failed to get us a reservation online as I didn't know that you have to book at least a month and a half before. When you arrive at 10.30am, a staff will come out and give you a reservation on the spot when it's time.

We were lucky enough to get a seat on the counter where they make pies. We both ordered the lunch set with drinks. I ordered the hot apple cider which was really good on a cold day.

The lunch set came with a side of salad or clam chowder. As I'm not a fan of pickles, I got the soup instead and I'm not a fan of the soup either as it's not the creamy kind.

The first chicken pot pie came first before the main - tandoori chicken. The chicken was surprisingly juicy and the lemon made everything tastes better.

Next up was the beef pie which has a nice crusty base.

Next is the chilli beans pie which I liked better than the beef one.

This mac and cheese pie is one of my favourite even though it's very filling.

This the white bait fish pie which I dislike. It had a strong fishy taste. I decided to give it a second try after a year and I regretted trying it again! hahaha......

Such a beautiful cruise....would love to be on a cruise at least once!

We walked around the different malls in the area and spotted a Peter rabbit appearance!

It's Nov but there are already Xmas trees everywhere!

The best part about winter in Japan is illumination~!!!

While the trees are bald, they look amazing at night!

Looks really romantic right?

After walking around, we grabbed dinner at Ippudo. I miss ramen shops that offer free beansprouts!

Thanks K for this lovely pic~ I love the wings because to me it signifies that I'm free.