Saturday, November 18, 2017

Mumbai Kitchen & Royal Host

Grabbed dinner after work with the girls at Mumbai Kitchen after work~

We had the samosa and papad which were delicious~

This here is the prawn curry and I love this with the garlic naan.

I like how naans here are always so big!

The food here is always good every time we visit.

My favourite~ the briyani! :D 
The portion is big and there are many pieces of meat beneath the rice!

After that, we went for dessert at Royal Host. I have to say, their ice cream is good~!!!

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Kimuraya, Ginza & Adachi Fireworks

 Went for lunch with K at Kimuraya (木村家 銀座本店).

Kimuraya is famous for their anpan. Above the bakery, they have cafes and restaurants.

We visited one of the restaurants above the bakery, which served all you can eat bread for lunch.

I ordered the half beef stew and croquette set while K had the lasagna. While I'm not a fan of the beef stew, I absolutely love the crab cream croquette. I think the next time I visit, I will just order that.

The bread is not self-service, a waitress will bring a basket of warm bread to your table and you get to pick the bread that you want to try. 

I love this carrot danish bread. It was super yummy. Overall, all of the bread that I've tried are good and I guess it helps too that they're serving their bread warm.

After lunch, we walked around Ginza for a bit before heading to Adachi for the hanabi.

I was really excited as it was my first hanabi in Toyko.

Y's gang got there early to save some really nice spots for us. We were directly in front of the fireworks area and hence got a really good view that night. I've never seen fireworks this up close before. The only down side was that because we're so near and we're directly opposite where they fire the fireworks, all the dusts fall down onto us. This can be quite dangerous as they might fall into our eyes too.

Overall, it was a fun night. My first hanabi and the views were spectacular! I couldn't believe that it lasted for longer than an hour~!!! :D

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Shin-Okubo Korean BBQ

Had dinner with the girls at くるむ (Kurumu) in Shin-Okubo

The queue to this restaurant was really long as it was after work on a Friday night. 

Most of their customers are females. I guess this is because of the huge platter of vegetables that they serve, as you can see in the first picture. There are many different kinds of vegetables on that plate so that we can mix and match them for our meat.

All the grilling here is done for you and I like that they place the griller in a way that it all the oil collects on one side and you can actually drain them.

We ordered 3 servings of meat and they were all delicious, but it wasn't enough for us so we added kimchijiggae and dokbokgi.

At the end of the meal, we had an option to turn our left over vegetables into a green smoothie, which we did. I think the idea is very smart~

I guess that the huge platter of veg plus this green smoothie thing makes it an attractive place for females.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Jiyugaoka Exploration - Blue Books Cafe, café COCOOCEN, 鶏匠

Asked C to visit this book cafe in Jiyugaoka called Blue Books Cafe. This is a book cafe where you can enjoy food and read the books there freely. They also hold music event every now and then.

We were there for lunch and ordered their lunch sets.

I ordered the burger set while C ordered their grilled chicken lunch set. Overall the food here is just ok. Though it is nice that you can read the books freely in this cafe.

After that we explored around Jiyugaoka and decided to stop by Gontran Cherrier for some bread. At that time, they were having this matcha croissant which looked amazing~! We couldn't help but get one to share.

We also ordered this cute little melon pan.

I always enjoy the baked goods at Gontran because they always taste amazing and this time was no difference too~ I hope that they'll keep the matcha croissant in their menu.

As if what we had wasn't enough, we made a third stop at a Japanese cafe called café COCOOCEN, by the japanese confectionery shop 黒船 自由が丘本店 (Quolofune) for some tea time desserts.

I guess because the weather was super hot, we just wanted any reason we could get to go indoors and enjoy the air-conditioning.

I ordered their castella ice cream which is vanilla ice cream sandwiched between 2 thin layers of castella. C initially wanted to order soumen but unfortunately, they only served that for lunch. Hence, he got the castella french toast which came with 4 different kind of sauces.

I really enjoyed my order because of the hot weather. And I find C's order very interesting and delicious too. I would definitely love to revisit again in future to try more of their sweets.

After walking around some more, we finally ended up in 鶏匠 自由ヶ丘店 (Niwatori Jiyugaoka) for dinner. This day was definitely an achievement. This is our 4th restaurant in 7 hours.

C was very interested in this restaurant because they served raw chicken and he loves chicken. 

I really enjoyed the beautiful appetiser dish that was served to us at the beginning. The first dish that came was the chicken liver which was pretty raw for me and I was really scared to try it. I did try a small bite in the end and while it was acceptable to me, I dare not have the whole thing to myself. The second dish was the chicken tsukune with raw egg yolk sauce. This dish here is really good because while the sauce was amazing!

Next up, we had the more common yakitori, which is the grilled chicken with leek and garlic. Yummy~

Here we have the CHICKEN SASHIMI, which I guess is the highlight of this dinner. I was really scared to try raw chicken and only took a piece of each of the parts served. C enjoyed it though.

Next up is my favourite~ grilled mushrooms.

They had some interesting things on their menu too, like grilled chicken with some sauces that were more commonly used for western dishes. We ordered one just to try too.

Lady's finger with spicy miso was something that was new to me too.

We were seated by the bar and got a nice view of the master grilling our food.

heehee.....first time trying grilled zucchini with onion sauce at a japanese restaurant.

A last order of grilled chicken to end the night~! 

Friday, November 10, 2017

チャオタイ 銀座店 (Chao Thai)

Grabbed dinner one night after work with Yh at チャオタイ 銀座店 (Chao Thai).

The price here was reasonable and the food was delicious. We ordered the prawn cakes which was served with sweet thai sauce. Love this dish, though it was slightly oily.

We also ordered this fried egg dish with pork. While I like the egg, I'm not a fan of the pork.

We had the tom yum fried rice with came with a small serving of tom yum soup. I really enjoyed the tom yum fried rice and it gave me inspiration to make my own using tom yum paste.

This is the second time I'm having Thai food here in Tokyo and this experience was definitely a lot better than the previous one in Motoyawata.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Penang Restaurant ペナンレストラン

We ended the night at Penang Restaurant ペナンレストラン where we had yummy Malaysian food which I've been missing for a while now.

We ordered a few dishes to share. The prawn mee was delicious but the char keuy teow was a slight let down.

An interesting board in the restaurant which introduces delicious food in Malaysia.

The asam laksa here was yummy~ I've missed this too! :)

Apparently, this shop serves nasi kandar too.

heehee.... an interesting artwork showcasing how you should eat Malaysian food.

There's even a board that teaches you how to speak in Malay.

As if 3 orders of noodles is not enough for just the 2 of us, we ordered curry puffs too!

And ice cream for dessert~!! :D

The curry puff was ok but the ice cream was superb~!! We both loved it so much! I definitely must order this again the next time.