Saturday, June 23, 2018

Valentine's date at Flowers by Naked

First official date and we're having chicken rice for lunch because I have been craving for it for weeks! heehee....

Received this cute little bouquet of flowers.

Super happy with the meal as my cravings were satisfied.

Yup, describes him perfectly.

We went to Nihonbashi for this exhibition called Flowers by Naked.

We were asked to pick one photo of a flower and this was the one we picked.

It's an interactive gallery, so we used the photo to create more light illusions.

Along with the lights, there were live music and dancers dancing around us and interacting with everyone.

Love the projections~

I like how they used lighting and music to perfect harmony.

The place looks a lot better in person.

It's really hard to capture it's beauty in a picture.

You really have to be there to feel it for yourself.

At the exit, there were roses for sale too.

As well as many other flower decorative items.

After that, we got a bit hungry...but ti wasn't time for dinner yet so we dropped by Din Tai Fung for some light snacks.

We ordered the raddish cake, a savoury xiao long bao and this......sweet, chocolate xiao long bao. Lol.....didn't really know what to expect with this one. 

While it was interesting to have melted chocolate flow out of the xiao long bao, I prefer the savoury ones more.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

KFC & Cup noodle museum, Yokohama

Went for KFC for the first time in Japan with J.

We ordered 5 pieces of chicken for the 2 of us!!! Along with a biscuit, wedges and a chicken fillet.

Other than that, we also have 2 coleslaw and drinks!!!! There's definitely too much food for the 2 of us. J ate the majority of it though....and no food was wasted.

After lunch, we decided to walk to the bay area. Along the way, we walked past the Nissan showroom.

There we spotted this cute little rental car that sits only 2 people.

They're super tiny but it definitely looks interesting and I want to ride one too.

This here is the back seat, heehee.....

After that, we went to the cup noodle museum.

It was interesting to see the different instant noodles that were invented over the years.

This here is the hall which houses all the packaging of the different instant noodles.

After exploring the museum, we went to the hall that allowed us to make our own cup noodle.

We paid 300 yen for a cup which we get to decorate on our own.

Here's my design~

After decorating, we get to make our own noodle. We can pick up to 3 different toppings and select a soup base for our instant noodle.

After making our cup noodle. we found out that there are actually stalls that serve noodles from different countries and we spotted Malaysia!

We will definitely be back next time to try the laksa here.

For dinner, we went to Chao Thai, a Thai restaurant.

We ordered the glass noodle salad and tom yum soup to eat with rice. It was definitely a heavy dinner after a very heavy lunch!

Xmas illuminations were still up in Jan.

Here's how my cup noodle looks like. After we made it, we placed them in a plastic bag that has holes to allow us to pump air into it to protect the cup noodle.

Overall, I think that the experience of making your own cup noodle is fun and I would love to make another one!

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Dim Sum buffet at China Town

It's been 2 years since I had dim sum buffet at China Town.

I actually like this shop better than the last because I get to order stir-fried vegetables other than just dim sums.

The stir-fried veg is the best!

The dim sum was ok.

The fried items were a little too oily.

This tou miao was yummy and definitely cheaper than ordering it as a dish in a Chinese restaurant.

Us enjoying our lunch.

As it was CNY, after lunch, we managed to catch some lion dance and performances in China Town.

I guess it is kinda nice to be here on CNY.

It's the only place where you can get some CNY feel in Japan.

After all the walking, we stopped by Sait Marc for some chocolate croissant and hot chocolate before heading back home.

Can't believe that this is only the second time I'm having them here in Japan. They're sooo good~