Tuesday, October 17, 2017

TACOS&MEXICAN サンズ・ダイナー 本八幡店

My colleague found this interesting Mexican restaurant in Motoyawata and brought us there.

TACOS&MEXICAN サンズ・ダイナー 本八幡店

This nacho chips with salsa here is the otoushi.

We ordered some cocktails to try.

This here is their famous onion rings (580 yen) and they were super good~!

This spicy chicken salad (750 yen) was good. I liked how they used a crispy base for the salad which makes the salad super crunchy once you've mixed everything up.

A huge platter of various dips and toppings for your tacos. While this is not that bad, I feel like other dishes were way better than this. Probably wouldn't order this again the next time. 

Beef jambalaya (1,200 yen) which was flavourful and delicious. As this is a rice dish, it's best to be shared.

I've not bad that many Mexican food before but the food served here is good and I would love to be back.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Ueno exploration

After the art exhibition, we went to this huge pond area in Ueno.

This area is really beautiful. Look at the cute fuzzy white looking flowers.

I can't believe that I never knew that this place existed.

Hello friend~

As it was summer, hydrangeas were in full bloom and they were every where.

With the girls~

A group pic with everyone~

From the pond area, we went on to explore the nearby shrines and monuments.

We had dinner at this place called 上野精養軒 (Seiyoken), which provided a nice view of the pond.

I ordered a fish main that came with butter rolls, which was yummy~

We also ordered 2 desserts to be shared among the 5 of us.

The desserts were beautiful and pretty. I prefer the one at the bottom compared to the top one because the creme brulee was delicious and I really liked the chocolate ice cream.

After that we went to the Taiwanese food fair and had some food. It was the first time I ever tried stinky tofu. While it was stinky, the taste was surprising acceptable.

Friday, October 13, 2017

T.Y.Harbor Shinagawa

I joined a friend's lunch gathering at T.Y.Harbor, which turned out to be a really nice place for food with huge groups.

I ordered a craft beer cocktail called  Cassis cranberry beer (950 yen) which consists of Pale ale, Cranberry and Cassis. It's my first time trying a craft beer cocktail and it was good while I don't usually drink beer.

We had the Kansas style BBQ pork spareribs with original pit sauce, Parmesan french fries and coleslaw. This is the full rack at 4,800 yen. The ribs here was really good. I would love to be back for more.

After lunch, we walked to Shinagawa station and from there to Roppongi. It was such a long walk that I had to rest while near Azabu Juban.

We stopped by a salad stop for some dinner. Here is the caesar chicken that I ordered. It was my first time at this kind of salad shop. It was interesting to see them slice up your salad. The salad itself it good and I can see that this place must be really popular with females during lunch. Don't under estimate this bowl here because it is actually very filling.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

First visit to the Embassy

First time visiting the embassy for Raya celebrations~

There were many people in the Embassy, even though it was raining. It made me really miss home as I saw many people in our traditional and national costumes.

Food served there was amazing. Definitely one of the best briyani I've had in Tokyo. 

Lol~ hope to be back again next year for the good food.

Monday, October 9, 2017

Ueno Yakitori & Sake Torimitsukuni

Lunch at Tormitsukuni, Ueno.

We ordered a potato salad to be shared. The egg on this potato salad looks amazing. The salad itself was good.

I ordered the oyakodon and it was huge! I couldn't finish all the rice and it's pretty rare that I couldn't finish my meal here. While I've not had many oyakodon before, this here is the best I've had so far. This here is also the first oyakodon I've had in Japan.

We also ordered this kamaboko here to be shared. It was really delicious as it's texture reminded me of fish ball. It was really springy.

After lunch, we went for an art exhibition -Babel. Unfortunately, no pictures were allowed inside so this was all I got. It was definitely interesting and the finale was best because the animated video showed us what goes on up-close and explains the painting really well.

Saturday, October 7, 2017

First time ordering Domino's Pizza

I can't believe that I've been in Japan for more than a year and I've never ordered pizza before. 

I was really sick one day and had no fresh food at home so I couldn't cook. It was then that I decided to order Domino's Pizza.

I ordered the 4 in one pizza kind of deal and while it was expensive compared to Malaysia, it was something different and tastes good. I can't remember the exact names of the pizza but based on the flavours I think I had lasagna, bbq chicken, prawns and avocado and a garlic chicken here.

This here is a L size. The good thing about getting a pizza like this is that you'll never get bored of the pizza because there are 4 different flavours.

I also ordered some egg tarts from Domino's. There are super delicious! I can't believe that we don't have this back home. They're super addictive~!!!

Friday, October 6, 2017

Japan -Beauty (and household items) series 8

1. Paburon handgel

Placed this at my work desk and it was extremely convenient. I use this no just on my hands, but also to wipe on surfaces of things which I feel might not be very clean.

2. Dove facial foam

This one here is for pore care. I like this because it gives a nice fragrance as you're washing your face.

3. Cezanne ultra cover UV foundation

I feel that most compact foundations are pretty food regardless of the price. This one here is pretty cheap and comes with SPF35 and PA+++. This one here gives a nice finish too.

4. Media UV compact powder

This one here is one of my favourite, I've bought this over and over again. This one here is reasonable priced and covers up pores nicely.

5. Kurinika Coat gel toothpaste

I was at the toothpaste section at the pharmacy and noticed this little but super expensive tube of toothpaste. 

It looked interesting because it leaves a kind of coating over your teeth after brushing which is supposed to help strengthen your teeth. Also, after brushing, you are only supposed to gargle once. 

I bought a tube and used it only at night as I used another one in the morning. Not sure if it had much effect, but it felt weird to only gargle once after brushing.

6. Enamel remover peach

I decided to buy a better nail polish remover as I use them so often so I got this from Aeon and it works really well. This is a non-acetone product and is gentle to the nails.

7. DUP nail polish thinner

This product here works really well for thinning out nail polishes. But I somehow feel that once you start using a thinner, the nail polish somehow feels slightly different.

8. Ariel detergent

I really love this product here. It's packed conveniently in little gel packs for single use and this detergent here is meant for days when you need to hang your clothes indoors! Super convenient!

9. Lion Toilet cleaner

Powerful anti-bacterial toilet cleaner which works really well! I've been buying this over and over again.

10. Joy anti-bacterial dish washing detergent
This one here lasts about 6 months for me. I like that this packaging is made this way that I can store it anyway that I want and use it to refill my original bottle whenever I need to.