Tuesday, April 24, 2018

X'mas dinner at Shinagawa

First time at Outback Steakhouse~

We came here on Xmas night and luckily J made a reservation because if not, we will definitely not be able to get in as Xmas is basically couple's night in Japan.

We ordered a salad, to make sure we have our greens.

The complimentary bread which was yummy!

I've always seen this and finally had the chance to try this kind of fried onion~!!!! It was delicious!

We shared this platter of steak and pork ribs which was good. I especially like the pork ribs.

Overall, the food and service here was really good. As it was Xmas, we also exchanged gifts. I came with a bottle of sparkling dessert vinegar and fruit jelly. In return, I received a cute corgi which I've been hugging to sleep~

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Lunch with ex-colleague

Met up with an ex-colleague for lunch at Marunouchi at my favourite lunch place!

Every time I come, I order this platter below because you get to try a it of everything!


It was near Xmas and Xmas decorations were everywhere!!

I was surprised to see a cherry blossom tree bloom in December.

Can you spot the flowers?

One of the best part of Xmas in Japan are illuminations~

I really enjoyed the decoration and illumination in this mall.

The amazing view of Tokyo station~

This area here has been under construction for the longest time and it's finally completed!

More X'mas illuminations~

I was hoping to see Tokyo station light up at night and hence was hanging around in the area till night.

I'm really glad that we met up as it was nice to catch up.

Light up at Tokyo station at night~

The streets were also pretty~

For dinner, we went to ramen street in Tokyo station. I absolutely love this ramen because of the red paste that makes the soup slightly spicy.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Team forget-the-year-party

Look at how big this apple is! I got this from my colleague whose husband's family own a farm in Aomori. I love how fragrant the apple was and it was super sweet as you can see from the yellow spots on the skin.

My team had our own bounenkai which was separate from the company's.

We went for a seafood themed dinner at Yokohama.

I love seafood and was really happy with the choice!

The food served was really yummy too, so that was good!

My first time having a seafood hot pot like this. I think I like the veg in this pot more than the seafood.

There were other fried items served but I think the grilled fish served at the beginning and the sashimi were the best dishes of the night!

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Shabu night at Yokohama World Porters

Met up with Kiu and her bestie from UK for dinner at Yokohama.

The view in Minato Mirai is always mesmerizing at night~

One day, I would love to go up that tower~

We had shabu-shabu at World Porters. We added the all-you-can-eat crab option.

The crabs were huge and delicious on their own without any sauce. However, we were definitely too greedy that night with the crabs as we were unable to eat our money's worth of crabs. It would be better to just order the crab ala-carte.

But overall, everything was good!

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Roppongi exploration

It was near Xmas and Roppongi is all prepped up too.

The cute Xmas tree with all the santas hanging from it.

Yh and I walked into a supermarket where I found these huge pears!!! Can't help but snap a picture as I love pears!

As the lunch we had earlier wasn't too filling, we got a heavy tea break at this Vietnamese restaurant in Roppongi Hill which served yummy tom yum pho and green curry rice!

After that we went to the Galaxy event where we had fun learning about their new features and got lots of freebies!

Yh, with the free drink we got at the event!

There we also got 2 500yen vouchers which we spent at McD and Starbucks! heehee~

Then after that we walked passed a VW event, where we were given a free gift for filling up a questionnaire.

It was definitely an interesting day as I've never received so many freebies before in a day.

Monday, April 9, 2018

Upstairs Mercedes Me, Roppongi

I walked past this cafe the week before and was really curious as to how's the food like so I dropped by the week after with Yh.

From the very beginning, I wasn't too happy with the service as they could only offer us a table for about less than an hour, they had to rush through our lunch service.

We ordered the lunch for two which came with the salad shown above, mushroom soup, a small portion of pasta for each of us and a small shared pizza.

The salad was ok but smaller than what I expected. The soup was delicious. The pasta and pizza were small and definitely not filling enough as mains.

The meal ended with this mini dessert which was served with coffee or tea.

The tea came with mini biscuits which was a lovely gesture. But overall, the food didn't wow us and we left the place still feeling hungry. Plus the service wasn't as good as other restaurants in Roppongi area.

Friday, April 6, 2018

Ore no French (俺のフレンチ)

First time at Ore no French (俺のフレンチ), which is another restaurant under the Ore series.

This here is their appetiser which was yummy~!!! Really builds your tension for the up-coming main meal!

I ordered a cup of hot tea~

This salmon appetiser here is the bomb! It looks absolutely pretty and tastes super yummy too. I also like the beetroot chip on top of the salmon.

This here is the quiche which was yummy~! and it's not expensive too!

Mushroom risotto which was good and has just the right texture.

The food was good. If only the seats were not so close together and that everything was more spacious, it would've been better.

Another thing that I really like was that they have live performance. There was this saxophone quartet performing there that night.

To end the night, we added a lobster dish which was delicious! I only wished that there was more of it!

Overall, it was pretty good. As mentioned earlier, if the space was more spacious and not as noisy, it would've been a lot better.