Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Feeling Unwell

Wasn't feeling well on this day but I figured that there's no point staying at home on a 3 day weekend so I went out and met up with the girls at my fav. ramen place.

At least when you have food that you like, you feel a little better.

After that, we went to a nearby mall to chill and we were lucky enough to catch this piano and violin live performance. :)

Interesting t-shirt for those who love sake.

Before heading home, I went to grab some soup at Tokyo soup stock. Soups are like the perfect comfort food~!!! But you will feel hungry very fast after this meal!

Monday, January 15, 2018

Time to say goodbye~

I bought these grapes from Aeon and they were super big!! I'm super happy that they were sweet too. It's been a long time I've seen such big grapes ever since my parents came.

Went for dinner with my colleauges that night.

We decided to have Indian food.

As I'm leaving soon, it was nice to have this dinner.

Meeting outside gives us the opportunity to talk about anything other than work and just let loose.

It was definitely nice working with these 2 here and I will miss them for sure.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Stand by farm

Stand by farm

Grabbed dinner with Yh here after work.

Our very healthy green juices~ The taste was not bad but the portion was a little small, especially the orange one.

This spiced soy bean dish here was delicious! I love how flavourful the beans were and I liked the crunchy chips that came with it!

Onions~ simple but soooo good~!!! You really don't need the salt. The onion was well caramelized and really sweet on it's own.

Fish and chips. The potatoes were surprisingly really good. Never expected that as I was hoping to get some fries. But yea, they were well seasoned and cooked just right.

This egg dish here is good too. Love the sweet and savoury tomato sauce.

A typical mushroom ahijo. The green peppers were surprising not spicy and goes well with the baguette. 

This here was given to us free and I've never seen or eaten anything like it before. This melon like fruit here is crunchy, sweet and refreshing. The skin is really thin so you can eat it too.

Love the night view in this new building in the area.

So happens, Nissan was having an exhibition there so we went to check it out.

Interesting car~

Lol, that was supposed to be me but I failed at taking the picture so my face didn't fit well! hahaha....

Thursday, January 11, 2018


Visiting Gyotoku for the first time with C. We came to explore this really huge garden by the bay.

Our lunch teishoku which were yummy~

Received this yummy creme brulee flavoured tea from C. While I don't drink milk tea, this one here is delicious.

Really enjoyed exploring the huge garden. Most of the path were paved but there was this section which was not paved and you need to register you name at the entrance before entering. 

While it was scary because there were some signs on how dangerous certain plants there were, but overall, it was interesting to explore.

We also explored several other parks in the area and since it was summer, there were many interesting flowers.

We were super lucky to spot this rainbow while walking by this park with an open hose! Probably the closest I'll ever get to a rainbow. Lol~

For dinner, we decided to try out this seafood place by the station.

Not sure if beer could get any colder than this.

Squid sashimi

Yummy miso nasu~

Our order of sashimi boat

Yummy hotate~

The slimiest soup ever! Warning~ it's not for the weak hearted people. You definitely need a strong stomach for this.

And because we were still hungry after all that, we ordered an oyakodon set which came with another bowl of slimy miso seaweed soup! Not that we needed another one because we could hardly swallow the first one. Lol~

But this oyakodon was super yummy. I love how fluffy and flavourful the eggs were!

And lastly, to end the meal, a cute little bowl of coconut ice cream which resembled a coconut husk.

It was interesting to dine in this restaurant as I've never dined in a place like this before.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

First musical experience in Shibuya

Yh and I grabbed lunch in Hikarie at a restaurant which served all you can eat bread with their lunch order before our musical.

My lunch date.

After lunch, we walked around the mall.....and checked out some hats. I like how this pink one looked on my but I don't think I'll have much opportunity to wear it.

Not sure what are these flowers called, but they're really pretty~

We explored some exhibitions too and came across this cute frame which allows you to impersonate Van Gogh's famous piece-"The Scream".

We first spotted some people taking pictures there and decided to follow suit. hahaha....

It was already night time when we came out during the half time break.

There were many people grabbing some snacks or drinks at the foyer.

The cast from the musical.

We were here for Neverland, the musical. This was by their international cast, so everything was in english!

I really enjoyed the show. Wish that there were more english ones like this here.

After that, we went and got soup curry for dinner. A perfect comfort food to end the night~