Friday, December 19, 2014

Dean & Deluca

After visiting the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Complex, I headed to Shibuya station for tea as I had time to burn before meeting up with Mish at Waseda.

Dean & Deluca~

Lovely cafe with a good view for people watching!

Hot apple cider~ Soo good on a cold day!

It was their 10th anniversary

I was seated by the window and next to me were 2 American ladies. I couldn't help but join in their conversation after over-hearing what they were discussing about. Well,,,,,all the tables were very close to each other, not that I was eavesdropping. 

I feel that this is one of the best thing about travelling alone. When you are with your friends, you tend to stick to the pack. But when you are alone, you are somehow more alert to your surroundings and not just within your group. You also become more open to the outside world and hence, you will talk more to strangers. Probably it's because it is human nature to want companionship so you jump at every opportunity to converse with others? 

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Waseda Daigaku

I was supposed to meet Mish for dinner at night with her sensei and junior in a izakaya near Waseda Daigaku. Since I was early, I explored around the campus a bit and also window shopped at the Uniqlo store opposite the campus,

The campus at night. I love how they have huge windows for their class rooms which helped lit the surroundings of the campus. Also, they have this garden area in the centre with lots of benches.

Checkered windows

Leaves turning yellow~

The campus is conveniently accessible. Just exit from the station and you're already on campus grounds. Then just across the road are various family restaurant and even a huge Uniqlo. There's even a coffee shop on campus facing this road here.

I saw lots of students seated by the window seats with their laptops at night......probably doing their assignments while enjoying a cup of warm coffee.

Inside one of the buildings while waiting for Mish to try and hide from the cold weather. It was super cold outside and even inside the building, it was cold because they don't have central heating, but at least I wasn't in direct contact with the wind.

This building houses the library, some administrative offices, science gallery and classrooms.

After meeting up with Mish, we walked a few blocks away to Waseda's hostel.....which is where her sensei and junior stayed.

Walk further behind and we're at the izakaya.

This is her sensei~

The buta kimchi that I ordered.....such a huge portion and it came with a huge bowl of rice!

Opps sorry for the blur pic! I for extra cha-han and salad which I already ate fro the lovely lady I was sharing the table with. 
She saw that I was waiting a long time for my food and hence, she offered me some of hers.

Mish's junior and her sensei's japanese friend.

The people I shared my table with: A prof from Waseda and a lovely couple who knew a lot about Indonesia and could even speak the language!

Overall, it was a fun and interesting night for me. Glad that I joined Mish for her dinner plans.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Exploring Shinjuku & Tokyo Metropolitan Government Complex

Third day in Tokyo~

This was a famous snack from Miyajima that we got as a gift from the Prof whom we met at Hiroshima! Sooo good! 

Was supposed to meet with Na-chan at Shinjuku eki to travel to Yokohama together but as both of us didn't have data plan, we couldn't contact each other once we're out and little did we know that the shop which we planned to meet outside of in the station had a few branches.

So I'm all alone on this day.

Decided to have ramen for breakfast! This was recommended by the staff there......

Small little ramen shop

You order from a machine and then pass your slip to the staff

The streets were relatively empty in the morning, unlike at night

Then I decided to just explore the area by walking through all the alleys. No maps, no nothing......just walk wherever I want to......

As the roads get smaller and smaller.......

....I spotted Tokyo Medical University!

No students around, most are in classes

Walk out and I'm back in the bustling city again

Entered a Don Quixote and saw a huge array of costumes for sale~
Next time when I need a costume for anything, I shall consider here.

Next, I decided to explore the area in Shinjuku where most of the tall building were located!

Spotted some tall buildings and just started walking towards them

Following in the direction of some salaryman


Finally reached the Shinjuku Sky Scrapper District.This is the Shinjuku Park Tower.

Map of the area~

This here is my target! Tokyo Metropolitan Government Complex!

The surroundings~

Love the architecture~

View from the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Complex

Hello Sky Tree~

I shall visit you next time! No time for you this trip~

Buildings after buildings....

Tokyo is such a dense city!

Cannot do silly poses in front of nice strangers who helped me snap this pic! Bought this outer coat the day before from Harajuku and I'm loving it. It has a nice soft feel to it, love the colour too and best of all, helps keep me warm even when there's a strong wind.