Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Din Tai Fung, Nihonbashi

Celebrated K's birthday at Din Tai Fung, Tekko Building, Nihonbashi.

Poor K had been sick for about an entire month and even on that day, she was still sick and couldn't eat anything fried. 

She could only order the noodles and steamed chicken.

Meanwhile, N and I shared the fried rice. Of course, we also ordered some xiao long baos to share.

Overall, dinner was good but because this shop was underground, it was kinda hard to find and it took them both about 30mins to find it.

Lol, 4 desserts for only 3 of us because the birthday girl needs it!

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Girls day out in Ikebukuro

Hanged out with the girls at Ikebukuro and we basically just spent the entire day eating.

First stop was Din Tai Fung, where we got to enjoy good dim sum and Chinese tea that we all missed.

The pan fried radish cake was absolutely scrumptious. It's soo good that we ordered a second serving. 

While the fried rice that we had ordered was a pretty plain one, it was good too.

Of course, the star of the meal were the xiao long baos.

I never knew that there were so many different flavours such a hotate, kani miso, mentaiko, etc. And they were all really good. 

We also had some sui mai but I've never really enjoyed their version of siu nai before because I feel that the layer of dumpling skin right below the prawn is too thick and hard. 

After that we had some desserts too. Here's my ai yu bing to help cool me down on a hot summer day. 

As if we didn't already had enough food, after this we went for standing sushi and immediately after we went for Chinese food. 

Here are some of the food that we had at the restaurant.  

The fried man tou were a bit too oily. 

This salted egg yolk fried pumpkin was delicious. Definitely my favourite dish of the night! I miss the taste of salted egg yolk.

Yummy spicy prawns. The portion here is really big. 

Group pic with the pretty girls. 

We also ordered a mushroom soup that night. As I said the portion is huge so 1 order was sufficient for the 3 of us. 

Friday, September 15, 2017

Meet up with cousin in Ippudo (一風堂) Ramen, Hamamatsucho

Cousin and his family were in Tokyo for holiday and I met up with them at Ippudo (一風堂 浜松町スタンド) for dinner. 

My first time at a Ippudo in Japan.

There are several condiments available to go along with the ramen. I especially like the bean sprouts.

The ramen was good but I felt that the soup was a bit too thick. I guess that after being in Japan for a year, I have grown accustomed to flavours that are not as strong.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Ginza Kagari (銀座 篝)

Went for ramen with Y at Ginza Kagari (銀座 篝) which was included twice in a row in the Le Guide Michelin.

They are famous for pai-tan, which is a kind of ramen with a thick creamy chicken broth.

The soup was DELICIOUS~!!! The best ramen with chicken-based soup! I also enjoyed their thin ramen. Also, their chicken was cooked extremely well. Soft and juicy~ Everything about this dish is perfect!

The queue snakes all the way from the entrance to the side of the street. We queued for almost 90mins to enter and we started queuing just before they opened for business. It was worth it though.

Monday, September 11, 2017

無鉄砲(ムテッポウ), Shin-Okubo

My colleauges and I went for Korean food at 無鉄砲 ムテッポウ), Shin-Okubo, after work.

We opted for the dinner buffet course which costs 2,480 yen (before tax).

While this course if buffet, you are only allowed to order one dish at a time. So if there are 3 persons, you get to order 3 dishes at a time. You are not allowed to order anything extra till you have finished your previous orders. The same goes for drinks.

This is a pretty smart strategy actually because while it is a buffet, there is no wastage. You can only order as much as you can it.

The time starts the moment you enter the shop. Also, it takes quite some time for the dishes to be prepared after you have ordered them. So you can't really order than many dishes.

Overall, we were satisfied as we were all full by the end of dinner and the food was good too.

There's even desserts.


Saturday, September 9, 2017

Aunt Jen in Tokyo

Aunt Jen was in Tokyo back in May and I took a day off from work to meet up with her. 

Quickly grabbed a chocolate danish pastry from Dean and deluca before we started exploring around Shinjuku.

Love the pastry here, super delicious. Love that the chocolate is of really good quality too.

After window shopping around, we grabbed late lunch at Ichiran as it's my aunt's favourite ramen place in Tokyo. The queue was long and there were many tourists as usual. 

Happy tourist! 

We also ordered the green tea pudding which was absolutely delicious. 

After more shopping, we had yakiniku dinner as it's the only thing she's not had throughout her trip. 

Dinner was great and we had fun catching up in Shinjuku! We exercised a bit by walking back to her hotel after diner and I took the train home. 

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Volunteering at the children's home

Dinner after work with a group of fellow Malaysian girls at Cafe La Boheme in Yurakucho. 

It was nice to get to know more Malaysians working in Tokyo and girls talk is always good. 

The next day, I had to wake up super early at 4am as I've volunteered to go on hiking with kids from the children's home. Their home is really far away and the meet up time was 7am.

It really didn't help that my neighbouur was super noisy the night before. They had a group of friends over. They were drinking and chatting really loudly till midnight. Even at 3am, I could still hear the couple chit-chatting. 

Once at the centre, we were told who we would be grouped with and the course that we would be taking. We were also provided with a lunch box for the hike.

I got paired with 2 cute sisters whom I really adore. The older sis was the calmer one if tee two and definitely more mature. The younger one is really chatty and tells me all sorts of things. 


The kids were super active. They moved really quickly and I had a hard time catching up especially at the areas where there are many stairs and the slope is really steep. Not sure how they did it but they just went through everything really quickly. 

My 2 girls kept shouting my name throughout the hike so that I will catch up to them. I tried my best but it was definitely not easy.  I'm not small like them so I can't squeeze through the crowd. Also, I'm afraid of heights and stairs. Super thankful for this other little boy who was afraid of height. He held my hand as we went down the stairs. 

The hike was in Nikko and the view was amazing! I love the view but I really didn't have time to snap many pictures because I was busy with the girls. 

It was definitely nice to be able to eat lunch with the kids too as they were super cute. Playful but cute. 

While the traveling time was long, I had a great time and would definitely love to volunteer there again.