Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Home-made laksa shabu-shabu

When my colleague told me that she wanted to have Malaysian laksa, I never imagined it to be this!

I actually googled on where I could find restaurants that served curry laksa in Tokyo.

Meanwhile, she was talking about having shabu-shabu using a curry laksa soup base!!!

We tried searching for Malaysian curry but couldn't find any so we bought Thai red curry instead and made this soup stock for our shabu-shabu~!!!

hahaha.....crab sticks, kinako, enoki, abura age, chikuwa, veg, pork platter and beef platter! Yes, we bought a little too much for 2 people. While I thought that the soup tasted slightly weird and in no way similar to curry laksa, it still tasted ok!

Monday, August 22, 2016

Eating Japan -Ice cream series 3

1. Haagen Dazs Honey & Milk

This is probably my least favourite flavour from them. The ice cream was ok thanks to the swirls of honey in it but other than that I didn't really enjoy the taste.

2. Pablo yam cheesecake ice cream

One of the best cheese flavoured ice cream I've had!!! You can distinctively taste the yam and the cheese. Plus that cookie base was just lovely~ Thanks to this ice cream, I'm tempted to try the real cheesecake version!

3. Chateraise strawberry milk ice cream bar

While you can really taste the strawberry in this, I prefer the icy kind over the creamy kind. But overall, it was a delicious bar.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

新宿さぼてん (Saboten)

Had dinner with K san at Saboten on the 8th floor of Keio, Shinjuku (新宿さぼてん 新宿京王店)

Oh how I've missed this - deep fried pork!!!!!

Here, they let you grind your own sesame seeds~ and there's also unlimited refill of shredded cabbages!

Here's my tonkatsu set, complete with miso soup, tartar sauce, pickles, tonkatsu sauce, rice and dorayaki!

The tonkatsu here is crunchy on the outside and juicy on the inside~!! They're not stingy with their cabbages as they place a huge bowl right in front of you! Plus I love how they let us grind our own sesame seeds!

Friday, August 19, 2016

Eating Japan - Snack series 2

I was looking back at the pictures that I took when I first came and realised that I ate sooo many snacks!!!

1. Meiji kuchidoke premium 
This is the best pudding ever!!! Just as the name suggests, it just melts away in your mouth. It's soft and smooth.....and the flavour of the sauce is just spot on!

2. Meito pumpkin pudding
Good value as it comes in a pack of 3. While it's not as soft as Meiji's, I really enjoyed the pumpkin flavour.

3. Tohato Caramel corn
Nothing can ever go wrong with this snack~

4. Meito Vitamin C throat candy
Love hard candies~!

5. Daiso kuchidoke matcha
While I feel that the texture could have been better and made to feel more like nama choco, the flavour is not too bad.

6. Meito custard pudding
This was good too, but compared to the pumpkin one, I prefer the pumpkin one as it taste different from other normal custard puddings.

7. Calpis hotto lemon
Can't wait for this to back on in stored during winter time....

8. Minute Maid Hachimitsu Yuzu
Always appreciate a bottle of hot drink during winter time. Got this courtesy of S when he dropped by to help me move my luggages.

9. Meiji super big pudding with their new sauce
As weird as it might sound, but I really like this with my toasts in the morning for breakfast! heehee....

10. Koikeya Norishio potato chips
A standard flavour that can never go wrong. I bought these because who doesn't love potatoes from Hokkaido?

11. Koikeya Rich Konsome potato chips
I actually prefer this one to the norishio~

12. Sugimotoya Yasashii Yuzu Gummy
I got this from daiso. While you can taste the yuzu, I didn't really enjoy the texture of this gummy. But I do appreciate the fact that they individually packed the gummy which is rare for gummies.

13. Calbee nori & mentaiko
I love this....super flavourful~!!

14. Morinaga Yakipurin
I enjoyed this baked pudding. Something different from the usual and delicious too.

15. Fujiya Home Pie
This was surprisingly really good! If  you love pie crusts, you will love this~! Each pack comes with 2 pieces. Super convenient to be kept in your bag for a quick snack.

16. Meiji takenoko dark chocolate
This actually came in a huge bag containing little bags of takekono and kinoko in dark chocolate. Absolutely love this snack, especially this takenoko one!!!

17. AEON thick cut chips in Konsome flavour
This is good and tastes similar to the Calbee one except that this is the crinkle cut version.

18. ITOEN pomegranate and plant placenta mix
Bought this drink to try because I've never tried plant placenta before and I'm just curious on how this drink will taste like.

19. Power Balance in Black Cacao
These are really delicious and good when your busy and needed to eat something to boost your energy. Love the crunchy bits on top.

20. Yakult
Always enjoy a bottle of Yakult!

21. Tarami mixed fruit jelly
Fruits are sooo expensive here. When I feel like having fruits, especially those that are not in season, I will buy one of these fruit jellies because you get real fruit in them!

Peach, mandarin oranges and pineapple~

22. Calpis gummy
These have fillings in them. I prefer normal gummies without fillings in them.

23. Sanko Yuki no Yado Rice crackers
I really like this brand. I've bought this so many times now. Highly recommend this!

I guess I like them because of these white stuffs on the senbei

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Gontran Cherrier with Mish

Breakfast with Mish again at Gontran Cherrier, Shinjuku

Mish's pick of 2 savoury bread and the 2 sweet ones are mine! The green smoothie for her and the acai berry smoothie for me~!

So here's what we had: Kouign-amann 240 yen, Pomme 260 yen, quiche 380 yen, croquembouche 340 yen and the smoothies both costs 530 yen each.

I love the super refreshing acai berry~ Also, my 2 sweet breads were absolutely delicious!

This time round, I bought an extra loaf of bread for breakfast the next day and it was super good! The next time I will definitely buy more to bring to work!

Since we love the bread so much, we have to have a picture with the shop itself~ lol

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Eating Japan - Bread series 2

1. Pasco Terrine Matcha

Japan always does these baked stuffs so well~ No matter what you buy, they would be decent most of the time. I really enjoyed the rich match flavour of this cake and it's a very moist cake.

2. Pasco Melon Pan

While I did enjoy the slight crunch on the top of the melon pan, I didn't really enjoy this bread that much.

3. Topvalu White bread

I get this bread pretty often because it's cheap! I usually get the 6 slices one (which are cut slightly thicker than the 8 pieces one). The reason for doing so is because I pack sandwiches for lunch and I want them to be filling!

Monday, August 15, 2016


I read about this ramen place called Soranoiro (ソラノイロ)online and became interested to try it because they serve vegesoba and I've never seen anything like that before.

I asked A san if she would be interested to try this place out with me as I know that she likes noodles. So yea, we went to their Toyko station branch for lunch one weekend.

This is the one with whole-wheat noodles. The little dollop at the side of the bowl is a special paste that has yuzu and goes really well with the soup!

I really like the tomato soup base and was super delicious! I find it interesting that there's sweet potato in my bowl of vegesoba.

This is the normal ramen version~ I regret not getting this because just look at the eggs!!!! NEXT TIME!!!

It was soooo good that we finished everything in our bowl~

After that, we headed to Momi & Toys for drinks and I got the mixed berry yoghurt drink which was filled with berries!!! So happy as that means I get to pick the berries out and eat them!

Finally a pic with A san! We always forget to snap a picture of ourselves!

After that we went shopping around the character street and I spotted this super cute Pikachu~!!!