Friday, December 9, 2016

JS Burgers and ramen at Ikebukuro

Wend for lunch with K at Lumine Ikebuuro's JS burgers Cafe.

Soft shell shrimp sandwich with fries

This was ok but I still prefer MOS burger over this anytime! heehee..... 

K's beef burger with fries

Don't think she was satisfied with her meal. hahaha.....

Cute pikachus at the pokemon centre.

Some idol boy group was having an event at Sunshine City that day and there were many fan girls queuing up to take pictures with them.

Hallowen themed~! Sooo cute!

After that, I met up with cuzzie and his wife for early dinner at a hakata ramen shop near Don quixote.

A group pic~

Thanks for the treat!

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Ōfuna Kannon

Visited the Ōfuna Kannon which I've always wanted to visit ever since I first spotted it while on a train to Hakone.

Notice outside the temple

Spotted this cute little sign on Pokemon Go at the little booth outside the temple where we purchased out entrance tickets. Apparently, one can find dratini there but please do not disturb or be a nuisance to others.

To get up here, you need to hike a bit and at some part, it's pretty steep!

Once inside, the scenery is totally different

A little background info~

SC and I

Finally at the top where you can pray, get an omikuji or omamori

I highly recommend you to walk around because you can actually enter the Kannon statue from behind to pray and leave some messages. 

After that, we took a bus to visit the Taya Caverns. While it is off the beaten track, I highly recommend this place as it is really interesting. I've never seen anything like it, a cave carved into the hillside.

You need to pay an entrance fee at the temple and you will get a candle what you can use. 

The above is the entrance to the cave but before that, get a candle holder and place your candle on it. While the cave is lighted, the candle will provide you with a clearer view of the carvings. 

You can feel the sudden drop in temperatures in the cave. I gotta admit that it was kinda scary because it was so small and if you walk too fast, you risk having your candle blown off.

No pictures are allowed inside the cave. Inside, you will see carvings all over the wall and ceilings. There are tiny chambers that you can enter. There's even a noiseless river in it. There is also an area where you can use the healing water to heal any parts of your body.

It took us slightly less than 30 mins to explore the cave. The experience was definitely worth the trip there. 

After all that exploring, we went back to Ofuna station and shopped around. I bought so many halloween stuffs at Seria that even the staff asked me if I was planning a halloween party!

When we got tired, we grabbed taiyaki at Yokohama Kurikoan, Lumine Wing, which sells taiyaki in interesting flavours that I've never seen before.

I tried their pumkin taiyaki and it was delicious! It was really filling as the taiyaki was super thick and so was the filling! It would be better if the sides of the taiyaki were crunchy but otherwise, the taste was good!

Monday, December 5, 2016

Yomenya Goemon, Lumine Wing, Ofuna

I have always wanted to visit Ofuna ever since I spotted the Kannon from the train at Ofuna sation, on the way to Hakone.

There was a mikoshi event at a local shrine there, so we went to visit.

It was interesting to watch the rituals

After that, SC and I had brunch at Yomenya Goemon, Lumine Wing in Ofuna Station.

We both ordered from their special Autumn menu~ We got the set which came with a dessert and a drink for 1,530 yen.

I ordered the brinjal and mozzarella with meat sauce (炙りカチョカヴァッロと秋茄子とモッツァレラチーズのミートソース)

While the meat sauce and mozzarella went really well together, the brinjal was on the hard side. I prefer soft brinjal that has the opportunity to soak up the sauce its been cooked in more.

Meanwhile, SC ordered the 5 types of mushrooms and mozzarella with tomato sauce (5種のきのことたっぷりモッツァレラのトマトソース)

We both chose the same pumpkin desert that was probably one of the best Wa dessert I've had!

Love the pumpkin ice cream, mont blanc and that caramel sauce that went soooo well with everything!!!!

I would totally visit the place just to have this dessert again!

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Art Aquarium

After dinner, we headed back to Coredo for the Art Aquarium and was surprised to find that there was no queue at all~!!!! 


I'm so glad that we came back because it was super beautiful~

A brief explanation

The aquariums~

You get to see many different kinds of gold fish there! Some I've never seen before.

The tanks and lighting makes everything looks amazing!

One of the most interesting gold fish I've seen that night! Look at their puffy cheeks!!!!

A little info on the water environment

Since it's night time, there was a DJ there and they served alcohol so you can have your drink and dance to music while enjoying the art aquarium.

They have many amazing pieces there....

They look amazing with the lights

Only problem was that there were so many people there that it was hard to snap picture of the exhibits.

Hello Nemo~!

Also some people just hog a certain exhibit without caring that there were others behind them that wanted to view the exhibits too.

Lol.....ppl queuing just to get some pictures.

The last and final exhibit was amazing.

This screen here will transform into various zen sceneries and there's matching traditional Japanese music in the background too.

Lol...only one good shot of myself by K san. Arigatou~! There were just too many people to get a good shot.

Friday, December 2, 2016

Eating Japan - Granola series 2

Granola here are soo good and there are so many limited edition flavours to try.

1. Calbee Tropical Mix (Coconut)

This one here was a summer limited edition flavour.

Love the fried mango and papaya pieces that remained super crunchy even when coated with yogurt. I also enjoyed the taste of the coconut flakes~

2. Calbee 4 kinds of fruit (Maple flavour)

Is there anyone who doesn't like maple?

Come with sweet potato, walnut, raspberry and raisins. While this is sweet, I enjoy this with plain yogurt that's slightly tangy. If you love sweet potato and maple, this is a must try!!

3. Nissin granola

This one from Nissin is also a limited edition one for Autumn. It comes with sweet potato, chestnut and pumpkin. While this one is good too, I prefer the sweet potato one from Calbee, maybe because it's maple flavoured!

4. Calbee Black bean kinako

This here is like a staple in my pantry because I buy it sooo often! I love kinako and who knew that it would be good in granola too? Also, I love the fragrance of black bean from this.