Sunday, October 23, 2016

Sushi Daiwa, Tsukiji

First time having sushi omakase style in my life~ :)

Visited Sushi Daiwa with TH san

We were lucky as we queue for about 30mins only.

This is the ojisan who prepared all our sushi that morning.

First off~ super zeitaku! Uni and tuna~

This uni~ has got to be one of the best I've had!

Followed by shrimp

Sushis with tuna and clams

A yummylicious tuna


Ika that was delicious and one of the best I've had

I forgot what's the name of this white fish

Ending the meal with anago

Of course, there's green tea and hot miso soup too to complement our meal.

Super good and zeitaku breakfast~ 

I will definitely want to be back to try Sushi Dai!

Friday, October 21, 2016

Odaiba Trick Art Museum and Zest Cantina

Visited a trick art museum for the first time in my life~

 Odaiba trick art museum

According to my colleague who has been to other trick art museums, she said that is one was pretty small

But nonetheless, it was fun for me as it was my first time~

Though it is kinda difficult to get a good angle

I really like this shot~!!! OVERCOMING OBSTACLES while still maintaining a perfect smile! Lol~

I'm a magician!

Run away while you can~

Help me~

Oh no~~~!!!

Somebody catch me!

While the trick art museum was fun, I think that most people will not return to the same museum twice unless there's a change in the exhibits.

After that, we grabbed dinner at Zest Cantina.

 Had been craving for the taste of tropical fruits for some time now and this is the perfect drink to cure that - Mango coconut

Mango juice with thick coconut milk~ yummy and refreshing!

According to K this is one of the best fries she's had in Japan!

My enchiladas which was good but small

Had to order another dish of garlic prawns as my main wasn't filling enough

Beautiful night view of Odaiba~

Love this view!! Absolutely perfect for a date night!!!

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

GeGeGe no Kitaro, Chofu

Visited Chofu with K and P. First stop was Surubaya where we had Indonesian food for lunch.

My fried rice with keropok and satay~

Pretty authentic curry~

At Chofu, there is a  theme shop and café based on the "GeGeGe no Kitaro" manga series, located along the approach to Jindaiji Temple - Kitaro Chaya.

Walking down from Chofu Station, you will also see Kitaro characters along the streets.

At Kitaro chaya, they serve themed desserts

Being greeted at the cafe by Kitaro~

Kitaro dorayaki anyone?

Fans of GeGeGe no Kitaro would enjoy this place

Kitaro Chaya~

There was some sort of matsuri going on in the area and hence there were many people

Our GeGeGe no Kitaro kakigoori

GeGeGe no Kitaro ramune

Group pic

hahaha....there's even free plushies on the chairs for you to take pictures with

Right outside the cafe is another picture spot

GeGeGe no Kitaro family

A little far from central Tokyo, but it makes for a nice half day trip.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Japan -Beauty series 2

1. Utena Skin conditioner -Rose

This product is really good for summer when you don't want to put on a thick layer of lotion on your body. Just use this!

2. Biore sara sara powder sheet~ Aqua oasis rose

Perfect for summer~ when you're all hot and sweaty, just use this to freshen up! The sheets feel cool and doesn't leave your skin feeling sticky!

3. Porepatty BB cream enrich 02

I probably bought the wrong item for summer as the product says "enrich". It's a little too moisturizing for me for summer. So I've actually saved this product for use in Autumn.

4. BeeHeartB*Mary contact lens

I've been wanting to buy colour lenses in Japan for a long time because they're just sooo pretty and I was super happy when I found pink circle lenses in Donquixote. 

I've worn them and friends had told me that it doesn't look unnatural, which was good!

5. Ducato Blue skinny

I've fallen in love with Ducato nail polishes ever since I bought the first bottle. I thought that blue was a perfect colour for summer and hence bought it! I love the colour and consistency of this nail polish! Would definitely buy more polishes from this brand.