Friday, July 20, 2018


First time visiting a Katsuya and the food option was surprisingly good. 

I ordered their signature katsu dish which consists of fried pork cutlets with egg. The portion is big!

J ordered the spicy version and it was delicious! I actually liked this better than mine but it was too spicy for me.

We both also ordered a bowl of tonjiru and it was super yummy! I love that they were generous with the portion too. I also like that the soup was loaded with ingredients. I will definitely return for the soup. 

heehee....I also like that I can add an ebi fry on the side as I love prawns.

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Ikea, Chiba

I've always loved the food at Ikea in Tachikawa but this was the first time I've made a trip to the Ikea in Chiba.

The food was good as usual and there were many tables on the big food hall.

We ordered the roast beef, prawn salad and chicken rotisserie to share. As I really like the medallion, we ordered an extra one of the side.

The beef was definitely cooked a lot better than the chicken as the chicken was a bit dry. Luckily, it came with gravy!

We also ordered a bowl of hot soup and was my first time trying soup and Ikea and it was super delicious! I will definitely order it again next time. I will just get the soup, medallion and a dessert!

I was super happy to received these as my White Day gift. Lol~ J was suggesting chocolates and macarons but I wanted something that's more practical and I'm so glad we came to Ikea so that I can get new set of towels and a table lamp.

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Gindaco takiyaki and taiyaki

Super happy to be having takoyaki for breakfast~!

I usually have it as a late afternoon snack or lunch.

We were hungry and searching for a place to get breakfast and saw that there's a Gindaco nearby. Takoyaki is a pretty good choice 

Also, I didn't know that they have taiyaki as I've never tried them from Gindaco before till now and they were surprisingly good. I like how they have a flaky and crunchy exterior~

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Missing indian food

Having indian food again!

My favourite prawn masala with garlic naan~ This prawn masala is a nice change from the butter chicken which is the most common curry here in Japan.

Our second time dining here together. Every time we come, we have the chicken briyani because it's super delicious!

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Bus Tour - Kawazu Sakura

My third bus tour~ :D

And this time, we departed from Shinjuku to Izu!

Right before stopping at the first rest house, we got to see Mount Fuji and got super excited. 

Little did we know that once we've stopped, Mount Fuji would just be right behind the bus.

First stop was a strawberry farm where we got to eat as many strawberries as we can!

Look at how big the strawberries are~ I'm super happy that they're big and sweet!

Another Mount Fuji view point~!!!!

As we all wanted to stop by a nanohana patch to pick some to bring home, I managed to get Mount Fuji with nanohana together~!

Lunch bento was provided in this tour and we got this fish bento.

The bento had rice topped with fish flakes and some chikuwa.

Next stop was a ume garden.

A huge ume garden!!! 

Not sure how it happened, but this picture happen to have this light thingy and I thought that it looked pretty.

The cute Hello Kitty sticker on our shirt is to identify that we're from the same bus.

Tt would be better if we had about 10-15 more minutes so that it wouldn't be so rushed.

After that, we headed to Kawazu for their famous Kawazu sakura which bloomed earlier than the most common Sonmeiyoshino.

The petals are pink! Love how pretty they looked~

They petals also don't fall off as easily.

I actually like these more than the white ones.

There's a path for us to walk down to the river.

And it's super pretty there.

So glad that we made this trip here.

While there were many tourists there, we still managed to snap some pretty good shots. :D

Before returning to the bus, we decided to get some snacks because it would be a long ride back.

We had some sweet potatoes and grilled squid which were delicious. We thought the these would be sufficient to last us till we arrive in Shinjuku at about 7pm plus for dinner but we were wrong!!!!

Due to the horrible traffic, our bus for stuck in a bad jam!

Thankfully, we brought some snacks with us and we did eventually arrive at a rest hour for a toilet break. But everything else at that rest house was completely closed so we couldn't buy any food. Luckily, there were some vending machines which allowed us to get some hot drinks to last us till we arrived at the next rest house which still had a convenient store open!

That's where we bought dinner. We had some chicken nuggets, prawn gratin and a sandwich.

There were many people from other tour buses buying food there too!

I've never been that happy to see a convenient store till now as we only arrived back in Shinjuku are about 10.30pm. I would've starved to death by then.

But overall, I had a lot of fun and I will go on another bus tour!

 The traffic was unavoidable as it was the weekend and many people wanted to visit the same spot too. It's just very convenient to travel with a bus company~

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Day off~

Wasn't feeling too well on my day off so I ordered myself a pizza for lunch.

As I got better in the evening, I made some herbal soup~ 

And cooked up the nanohana in the weirdest way ever. Lol.....I'm pretty sure I over cooked them here.

Can't blame me as I was sick and I didn't wanna waste the nanohana that we have plucked. So I just washed them and dump them onto my rice before cooking. Well, it works, I got rice and some veg which I didn't really had to cook. heehee....

Now that I know how to pluck them, I will be eyeing for them this coming winter!!!

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Osanbashi Yokohama International Passenger Terminal

Pie Holic again~

Love this place soo much. I think I've visited this place like 4 times now.

Got the tandori chicken main course as usual.

J ordered the steak which was huge!

After having a late lunch, we went to Osanbashi Yokohama International Passenger Terminal.

I first heard about this place from YL and never knew that it was just in Yokohama. It was definitely an interesting structure. I felt that the seats there make for a nice picnic spot on a fine winter day. 

This was taken from inside the terminal. It was totally empty when we were there, except for a few visitors taking pictures.

Love the view there.

For dinner, we grabbed kaiten sushi. It was good because I love chawan mushi on a cold day. They just warm up your body.