Saturday, January 7, 2017

VIP Liner bus from Tokyo to Osaka and Osaka to Tokyo

Booked a night bus with VIP Liner to Osaka from Tokyo.

This is the Tokyo VIP Lounge, located at Nihombashi, which has sofas and tables where you can charge your phones.

Tokyo VIP Lounge: location

Once you arrive, you are required to check in by keying in your phone number on the stations located at the counter and you will be provided with a detail of your travelling details. 

So as you can see here the bus that I am taking is called the Grancia. The bus departs at 10.15pm and arrives at Namba at 7.15am.

There's this cute little robot at the lounge~ You can see this quite often at shops around Tokyo.

At the lounge, you get free flow of miso soup.... well as tea and coffee!

Blanket to keep me warm on the overnight bus ride.

As you can see from this pic here, there are 2 seats on each side of the aisle, with a curtain separating the two adjacent seats.

My comfy seat~

There's TV and even a game console~

If you want to read, there's lights too, You can control the air conditioning too.

Overall, the ride was very comfy and I managed to get some sleep. This bus does not have a toilet but fear not, they stop almost every 2 hours at a rest stop. While no announcement were made, I can tell when the bus has stopped and parked. If you are unsure, just wait to see if there are anyone getting off the bus.

For my return trip to Tokyo, I booked with VIP Liner too. They have a lounge in Osaka too called Osaka VIP Stand and this is what it looks like. Slightly smaller than the Tokyo one but it's sufficient. Same thing, when you have arrived, don't forget to check in and just wait for the announcement for your bus.

Osaka VIP Stand: location

My TV, no game console this time....

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